Attack on Titan’s Last Episode gets an official release date

    The final episodes of Attack on Titan – The Final Season will premiere in fall 2023, bringing to an end the harrowing tale of Eren and Paradise Island.

    Members The attack on the Giants They won’t have to wait as long as they dread watching the series finale. The attack on the Giantsfinal seasonThe sequel will air in the fall of 2023, completing the animated version of the apocalyptic story of Eren and Paradise Island.

    The attack on the Giantsfinal season, Part 1 consisted of a one-hour special episode that aired on March 3, 2023. The series returned after fourteen months and a mega event, where Eren Yeager transformed into the Founding Titan and started the Growler, a horrific attack that uses a horde of massive Titans hidden in the walls of Paradise Island to destroy every other civilization in the world. After the first part of the final season aired, the official website announced that the second part will debut in the fall of 2023. A short teaser video also accompanies the announcement.

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    The attack on the GiantsThe series finale will conclude ten years after its debut

    The official name for this latest installment of The attack on the Giants episodes Recent chapters: Special 1 And Special 2. The long make-up of this final season, and its confusing nomenclature, is now something of a joke among fans. Technically, what airs in March should be Part 3 of The attack on the Giants Season 4, but that would make the finale for the upcoming Season 4 – Part 3, Part 2, which is the reason for the name change. It is also worth noting that the fourth season began airing in December 2020, which makes this a unique case in the history of anime.

    Of course, most Attack on Titan fans already know how the story will end after reading the manga (which ended in 2021). However, this did not harm the anime’s popularity at all. The series has an impressive 9.0 rating on IMDb and The attack on the Giants – Recent chapters: Special 1 It actually achieved an impressive 9.6 across 26,000 votes, and that score is well deserved. MAPPA takes its painstakingly long time to deliver this final season, but the product is always impressive. private Figure 1 shows the terrifying effects of the upheaval on the world, and the animation perfectly conveys the horror and despair of the people caught up in the disaster.

    The long-awaited end The attack on the Giants It will air in the fall of 2023, exactly ten years after the series began, in September 2013. An entire generation has grown up with it. The attack on the Giants, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most influential anime of the past decade. Western fans can expect Recent chapters: Special 2 to be streamed on Crunchyroll shortly after it aired in Japan.

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    all seasons The attack on the Giants Available to stream on Crunchyroll.


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