Ash’s new legendary Pokémon friend is his secret protector

    As in ashes Pokemon Story over, a Legendary Pokémon he befriended early in this latest series finale has made his presence known, but will this really have an impact on the final episodes of the show?

    Ash met Latias when he was injured in the first episode of Aim to become a masterand, while not trusting him at first, is able to help him recover and stop Team Rocket from stealing him. Since then, Latias has been following him on his journey, staying hidden in secret to keep from being seen while he watches. In Episode 6, Latias finally makes a move to save Ash and Pikachu when they stumble into a ravine, bringing them down safely at the top of the cliff. It was definitely a mystery to Brock and Misty, but Ash seemed to realize exactly what had happened.

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    Latias protects Ash in secret

    Pokemon Latias saves Ash

    Latias seemed to be generally distrustful of humans, but Ash is kind Pokemon I managed to pique her interest, and motivate her to follow him. Latias is seen at the end of each intervening episode, still watching and watching, but hiding his presence for unknown reasons. Only in this episode, where Ash was in danger, did he stop hiding and get out, but even when he saved Ash, he didn’t turn off the invisibility, leaving Misty and Brock with the sight of Ash and Pikachu sitting around. Air thinned and sedimented back up. The only reason Ash knows what’s going on is the fact that he actually saw Latias turn invisible in that first episode.

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    Many fans expected Latias to play a big role in the series finale, and some speculated that he might be the same Latias from the Pokémon V movie, Pokemon heroes. The anime would later hint that this Latias is actually the child of Champions, but. Since he appears at the end of every episode, there’s clearly something important about Latias in this miniseries. Recent episodes have shown that Latias wants Ash to help him rescue Latius, which could be Ash’s final mission.

    Whatever the ultimate purpose of Latias Pokemon The story may be, she finally gets her hand out and tells Ash and his friends that they have been tagged in the distance. Perhaps Ash will have the opportunity to catch him before his time is up and Pokemon Reboots begin, but only time will tell.

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