Ash Broke One Rule Pokémon Confirmed to be just as bad as Team Rocket

    despite of ash becomes greater Pokemon Coach there (not to mention the fact that he’s been the series’ champion for decades), one episode confirms that he’s actually no better than The Rocket Team– and he proved this by breaking the rule of Pokémon, and most importantly.

    the Pokemon The anime series was nothing less than a video game adaptation when it started and was released later, which means that all of the rules that were set in the original Gameboy games were also true of the anime. Everything, from the starter Pokémon choices, to how to catch wild Pokémon, and even the etiquette between trainers, was just as true in the anime as it was in the games – including one rule in particular that Ash never blatantly follows, which Team The Rockets made a conscious effort to never follow through.

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    Pokémon trainers should not try to steal other trainers’ Pokémon

    Ash fights with AJ in Pokémon.

    in Pokémon: Indigo League Episode 8 (written by Atsuhiro Tomioka and directed by Masamitsu Hidaka), Ash begins to feel full of himself after earning two trainer badges after his multiple victories against the Pokémon Gym Leaders (although both of those Gym Leaders become his traveling companions, so There was definitely a slight conflict of interest there.) With his newfound confidence, Ash decides to challenge a Gym Leader named AJ, someone who hasn’t lost a single match after nearly a hundred Pokémon battles. As one might expect, Ash loses, though it has less to do with his shortcomings and more with the intense training AJ puts into his Pokémon. In fact, when Ash sees AJ’s training in action, he calls him cruel, and then does the one thing a Pokémon trainer should never do: he tries to steal AJ’s Pokémon.

    Originally Pokemon In a video game, a player literally cannot catch a Pokémon if it is already in the possession of another trainer, even if the player beats that trainer in battle. This means that this rule is so ingrained in the core of the franchise, that it is not an option in its original form. However, within the anime scene, there are no virtual walls preventing a trainer from just taking someone’s Pokemon like it was in the Gameboy games, so not doing so is more of an unspoken rule than an impossibility. However, there may also be a hypothetical roadblock, as trying to steal other trainers’ Pokémon will cause him to lose any credibility as a trainer – yet Ash is still trying to do so.

    At this point in the series, Ash is still learning the ropes of being a Pokémon Trainer, and when he tried to take a Pokémon from AJ, he wasn’t trying to augment a personal Pokédex like Team Rocket, he was really worried about their good-natured Pokémon themselves. However, as good as his intentions were, Ash still broke V’s oldest and most important rule Pokemon (a game rooted in the code of the original Gameboy games themselves), which confirms that – at least for that moment –ash It was just as bad The Rocket Team.

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