An Explanation of Greta Gerwig’s Seven Favorite Movies

    Greta Gerwig He is one of the most exciting and talented directors working at the moment. She got her start in Hollywood as an actress in the 2000s, working on small-budget independent films like bagged. In this period, she also co-wrote and co-directed her first films, Hana runs up the stairs And nights and weekends, but it will be a long time before she returns to directing as a solo force. She gained the most attention for her writing from Francis Ha in 2012, in which she starred and was directed by Noah Baumbach. Five years later, she made her directorial debut Lady Birdwhich earned her a Best Director nomination at the Academy Awards and cemented her as a unique voice.

    Having worked in the industry for two decades, Gerwig knows her way around cinema and its history. In an interview with IndieWire, she revealed seven of her favorite movies, and these provide interesting insight into her preferences. These films may have influenced her earlier work and could predict where she might go next Barbie And beyond. Here are my seven favorite movies, and what they might mean about Greta Gerwig’s filmmaking past, present, and future.

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    7 The King of Comedy (1982)

    King of Comedy
    Twentieth Century Studios

    One of the films that Gerwig mentions as a favorite is Martin Scorsese King of Comedy. It stars Robert De Niro as Robert Pupkin, a keen but amateur comedian whose desperation to succeed leads him to desperate measures including stalking and kidnapping. The tone strikes a balance between drama and black comedy despite its shocking narrative arc. In many ways, this film stands in opposition to Gerwig’s work. She maintains a tone of gentle seriousness even in her sharp writing. But the fact of it King of Comedy She is one of her all time favorites casting her work in an interesting light. There’s work darker than we might expect to inform her heartwarming approach.

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    6 Brief Encounter (1945)

    Brief encounter still
    Universal Pictures

    In contrast, painful romance Brief interview It is more in line with what we might expect to influence Gerwig’s work. Celia Johnson plays Laura Jason, who meets Alec Harvey, played by Trevor Howard, in a café at a train station. Although both of them realize the spark of connection between each other, they are married and decide that they cannot betray their wives. Therefore, they continue to meet at the café every Tuesday but seek no further than that. While, up until now, romance hasn’t been the main focus of Gerwig’s films, there is always a longing and a loneliness. This can be seen more clearly in little Women‘, when Jo gives a powerful speech about her struggle between not wanting a husband and loneliness.

    5 Red River (1948)

    A scene from the Red River

    red river It is a classic western starring John Wayne as Thomas Dunson and Montgomery Clift as Matt Garth’s adopted son. Thomas is a cattle driver on his way to Missouri, but his ruthless and dictatorial style of work results in his workers trying to overthrow his position, and Matt leads the plot. The tension here about father and son is typical of Gerwig’s cinematic perspective. She never shied away from portraying difficult or complicated family relationships and making her films hinge on this conflict on the most popular path of romance. Focus on family in both Lady Bird And little Womenin addition to this interest in red river Maybe he meant Barbie You will also study similar subjects, albeit in a different way.

    4 Rio Bravo (1959)

    Rio Bravo
    Warner Bros.

    Another classic western that appears on Gerwig’s list of favorites is Rio Bravo, again starring John Wayne. This time, he plays Sheriff John T. Chance, who works hard to ensure his brother doesn’t get out of jail for a recently arrested murderer. Gerwig’s love of old westerns has been featured in some specific photos of the Barbie Where some design is affected by this type. This also begs the question: will you ever venture into a full-fledged genre movie? Her wit suggests she would be a good fit, but with no action sequences in her act yet, it’s hard to tell if they’ll come together.

    3 Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

    Gene Kelly in the best musical of the 1950s, Singin in the Rain
    Loew’s, Inc.

    singing in the rain It is one of the most popular musicals. The plot follows a silent film star, played by Gene Kelly, as he tries to transition into the new practice of talking pictures and falls in love with a girl from the choir. He’s beloved by many, Gerwig in particular, for an obvious reason: It’s impossible to watch him without a smile on your face. This cheerful and colorful film is unlike any other Lady Bird And little Women That is greatly underestimated, however Barbieon the other hand, is full of life – and dance.

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    2 The 39 Steps (1935)

    Robert Donat and Madeline Carroll in 39 Steps
    British Gaumont Distributors

    The words “Alfred Hitchcock” and “Greta Gerwig” may not often be mentioned in the same sentence, but his film The 39 steps Made it to my favorites list. It follows Robert Donat as Richard Hannay, who is accused of a murder he did not commit and ends up on the run from a secret spy ring. Obviously, this type of thriller is a far cry from Gerwig’s preferred style of filmmaking, but just because it’s a favorite doesn’t mean it has to have an influence on her own style. She described the film as one of the “best films ever made” due to its attention to detail.

    1 Jane Dillmann, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975)

    woman drinking milk
    Paradise movies

    Finally, we have it Jane Dillmann, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles. This movie was voted the best Sight and Sound movie of all time in 2022, and Gerwig clearly agrees. This three-plus-hour epic follows the titular Jeanne Dillmann (Delphine Sayerge), a housewife with a monotonous routine of housework that gets disrupted at the end. While those outside the industry often sneer at its praise Jane Dillman Receives, it remains a firm favorite among cinephiles. With Gerwig’s sympathetic and insightful portrayals of womanhood, it’s no surprise that she’s in the love-it camp. Often not so much time and care is given to someone who is deemed uninterested by the wider community, however Jane Dillman It does it incredibly efficiently.

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