Amanda Seyfried’s Little Girls Musical cameo will make you feel old

    Actress Amanda Seyfried has a great idea for the next Mean Girls movie, but it’s going to make you feel pretty old.

    mean girls Actress Amanda Seyfried reveals she wants to appear in the future mean girls The musical movie. Seyfried has been a notable part of this award season with her nominations leakage, the limited series that earned Seyfried her Primetime Emmy. The actress had a long career before her win, beginning with her first feature film, mean girls, in 2004. Seyfried starred as Karen Smith, the prettiest but certainly not the smartest plastic. mean girls Remembered as one of the most critically acclaimed films of the early 2000s, Seyfried’s Karen had a major role.

    mean girls A new movie adaptation of a musical is set to be in the works at Paramount+. Entertainment tonight Snapped with Seyfried on the SAG Award red carpet, I asked her what she thought of the comeback mean girls. Seyfriend shared her enthusiasm for the film, saying she was definitely interested in the cameo and was hoping to bring her back to the plastics mean girls music. While the actress probably won’t reprise her role as mean girls Weather reporter Karen, Seyfried has another role she’s hoping to take on. Check out Seyfried’s full comments below:

    “I still hope for a miracle, it’s not really up to us, right? All four of us are 100% committed to it. Maybe our characters’ mothers? That’s what I was thinking, but listen, I didn’t until I saw the script.”

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    Who are the new middle girls?

    Paramount’s adaptation of the hit mean girls Broadway will star HBO’s Rene Rabe The sexual life of college studentsLike Regina George. Rapp played Regina George on Broadway and is set to return as the mean girl in the remake. Angourie Rice plays newcomer Cady Heron, Moana Voice actress Ole Cravalho The new Janis Ian has been announced, and Jacquel Spivey is joining her in the other half of the duo, Damian Leigh. The remaining members of Plastic will be played by Bebe Wood and Avantika Vandanapu.

    It was also announced that Tina Fey would be writing the mean girls musical and reprises her role as math teacher (and rumored drug pusher) Mrs. Norbury. Tim Meadows will also reprise his role from the original film as Mr. Duvall, the manager in charge. long time chief Saturday Night LiveFey, Lorne Michaels, has also signed on to produce. Cameos from other original cast members could happen as well, just as Seyfried hopes. And casting the original PVCs as the new cast’s mothers is sure to make for a fun Easter egg.

    20 years have passed since then mean girls It was released to film and the movie has seen some of the most memorable moments in pop culture. Not only will the cast have to live up to the original I mean girls⁠– no easy task – but the movie will also include all new musical numbers to keep with the familiar story. While it may seem like a big ask, this new cast is looking forward to the job not just coming back mean girls Young but experienced actors who can certainly handle two plastics. the mean girls Musical photography is expected to begin in early March and so far, it’s looking great.

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