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    Apple finally released it iOS 16.4The update brings practical improvements, tons of new emojis, and fixes to over 30 security issues. The last major update, 16.3, was released to the public in late January 2023, adding support for Apple’s latest HomePod devices and FIDO-certified security keys to protect Apple ID accounts, among other things. This was followed in mid-February by iOS 16.3.1, which delivered some important security updates for iPhones and iPads.

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    With iOS 16.4, Apple will start allowing push notifications from web apps that users have added to their device’s home screen. It also brings Voice Isolation, a convenient FaceTime feature, for regular phone calls, which should help improve call quality in messy settings. property”It prioritizes your voice and blocks out ambient noise around you. In addition, iPhone users get 21 new emoji with iOS 16.4: three new heart colors (gray, light blue, and pink), which arepush hand(left and right), shocking rolling smiley face, Wi-Fi symbol, maracas, comb afro, and more animals (moose, donkey, blackbird, barnacle, jellyfish).

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    What else does iOS 16.4 bring?

    A split image showing an iPhone showing a map in the Weather app, along with the new emoji that came with iOS 16.4

    Apple also introduced some new accessibility options with iOS 16.4. Users can now use VoiceOver to hear descriptions of what appears in Weather app maps. There is now also the option to have videos automatically dim when flashing or flashing lights appear. To enable this, users can go to ‘Accessibility’ list in ‘settings,’ open the ‘a movement“tab, switch”Dim the bright lights‘ button.

    There are some important security fixes baked in iOS 16.4 as well. Apple has identified vulnerabilities across many systems, from the Apple Neural Engine and underlying Kernel software to Bluetooth, Find My, Calendar, iCloud, WebKit, and more. Some of these vulnerabilities leave the door open to potentially dangerous exploits, so users should jump on this update.

    The update also improves crash detection for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, resolves an issue with Ask To Buy requests for kids, and should fix Apple Home setup issues involving Matter-compatible thermostats. Apple’s duplicate detection tool for photos and videos is getting better, too, with support expanded to now include media stored in iCloud Shared Photo Library. Users can download iOS 16.4 Now by going tosettings“>”general“>”system update“.

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