All of Rocky Balboa’s main opponents, ranked in order of strength

    the rocky The franchise has redefined the sports movie genre. Since her debut in 1976, Sylvester Stallone’s character has been an underdog. Rocky Balboa is also a cultural icon of endurance, strength, and perseverance. The Philadelphia boxer is memorialized by the 72 steps leading into the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as well as a bronze statue located to the bottom right of the steps. Rocky Balboa defined himself as an “everyman,” who makes ends meet, works hard, and rolls with the punches. Life has thrown the boxer many challenges, including a colorful array of opponents.

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    8 Robert Balboa Jr. – Creed 2 (2018)

    Robert Jr. Creed II -1
    United Artists

    Family ties are important to Rocky. He was a disgrace when his relationship with his estranged son, Robert Balboa Jr. (Milo Ventimiglia), eroded. With his retirement as a boxer and the death of his wife Adrienne (Talia Shire) in Rocky BalboaRocky makes a living as the owner of the Italian restaurant Adrian’s. Robert became a corporate attorney who moved to Chicago, distancing himself from his father. Robert felt like he was living in the shadow of his father’s legacy, but later realized that Rocky was dealing with a personal grief demon. Rocky goes to chicago The second dogma He is reunited with his son and made amends for their family.

    7 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma – Dogma (2015)

    Creed (2015) The Rock Diagnosis
    Pictures Warner Bros

    Cancer isn’t a traditional opponent, but it’s a battle no one wants to fight. in creedRocky trains Donnie Creed (Michael B. Jordan), son of boxer Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Rocky learns that his health has been deteriorating due to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a disease of the blood. Donnie urges him to undergo chemotherapy, but Rocky says it didn’t help Adrian beat his ovarian cancer. Rocky has lost many loved ones and at his age he loses the will to fight. Donnie is willing to call off his title fight, to drop out as Rocky, which convinces Rocky to keep fighting the good fight.

    6 Tommy Jean – Rocky V (1990)

    Rocky V (1990) Tommy Gunn
    United Artists

    Tommy Gun (Tommy Morrison) is Rocky’s first stepson Rocky F. Struggling financially, Rocky decides to reopen his old trainer Mickey Goldmill’s (Burgess Meredith) gym in Philadelphia. Lost in the past, Rocky sees himself in a promising Oklahoman boxer and ignores his family as a result. The spotlight went to Tommy’s head. His arrogance puts him in a desperate position: to regain favor with the media and the public. Tommy pushes Rocky to fight, but he loses his sense of self.

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    5 Thunder Lips – Rocky III (1982)

    Rocky III (1982) Thunderlips
    MGM/UA Entertainment

    Rocky defends his title as the World Heavyweight Champion Rocky III for 10 consecutive matches. His popularity leads to a charity event where he fights Thunder Lips (Hulk Hogan), the world wrestling champion. Thunder Lips takes the fight seriously, stopping the moment to beat the Italian stallion. After throwing the boxer out of the ring, Rocky returns the favor, lifting the blonde fighter over his head and walking out of the ring.

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    4 Mason Dixon – Rocky Balboa (2006)

    Mason Dixon Rocky Balboa 2006
    MGM Distribution Company

    Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver) challenges the retired and aging Rocky to an exhibition match at… Rocky Balboa. Mason is a successful boxer, who has won many fights, but is not favored by the news, saying he has never fought a real challenger. ESPN airs a simulated fight between Mason and Rocky in his prime, with the latter winning. Both men decided to turn the simulation into reality. Mason alters the course of the computer’s predictions, while Rocky graciously accepts the result.

    3 James “Clubber” Lang – Rocky III (1982)

    MGM/UA Entertainment

    James “Clubber” Lang (Mr. T) challenges the undefeated champ at the Rocky III. After a successful winning streak, Rocky is planning to retire when Lang publicly challenges him to a fight. Lang makes a sexual comment about Rocky’s wife, which causes Rocky to accept the challenge. Lang’s feud endangers Rocky’s civilized standing, both in and out of the ring. Rocky loses after Lang angers Mickey into a fatal heart attack. Distraught but determined, Rocky trains with Apollo to regain his title, using Lang’s power against him with a narcotic rope strategy.

    2 Apollo Creed – Rocky (1976) / Rocky II (1979)

    Rocky (1976) The Apollo Doctrine
    United Artists

    Apollo Creed is the rival turned friend rocky And Rocky II. Rocky, a budding boxer, is given a shot at the title match held by Apollo, the current world heavyweight champion. Rocky trains with Mickey to counter the footwork and ego of Apollo. Both men deal brutal blows and get injured. Win or lose, Rocky has proven to himself that he can go the distance against Apollo. In the sequel, despite their physical damage, he fights again in response to rumors that the fight was just a fluke. Rocky changes his fighting style throughout the match to become the new Heavyweight Champion.

    1 Ivan Drago – Rocky IV (1985)

    Ivan Drago Roque IV
    MGM/UA Entertainment

    Ivan Drago is a robotic Soviet boxer Rocky IV. As a Russian patriot, Drago fights his first opponent and rival, former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Drago lashes out at Apollo until the latter is bludgeoned to death. Rocky, tired of the Soviets’ indifference to the death of his friend and athlete, decides to fight Drago in his homeland. Drago trains using high-tech machines, supervised by doctors and trainers who pump him full of steroids. Rocky trains using his natural surroundings, lifting logs, running through snow, and climbing to the top of a mountain. Rocky avenges Apollo and shows Drago that man can be destroyed, but not defeated.

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