Alien star Sigourney Weaver rules out Ellen Ripley’s return: ‘That ship has sailed’

    It’s the end of the road for Ellen Ripley. After appearing in the first four films of alien franchise, Sigourney Weaver He was hoping to return to a new film role from director Neil Blomkamp. dubbed Alien 5, the film languished in development hell before eventually fizzling out, never seeing the light of day. After this film was abandoned, new projects were created for alien franchise, with a new movie in the works at Hulu along with a TV series adaptation at FX Networks.

    with the new alien Content in development Along with the growing popularity of older sequels featuring classic characters, it would seem like there’s a good chance Weaver could finally appear as Ripley. However, Weaver herself is shutting that down, feeling it was time for that to become a reality. In a new interview with Total Film, she laments the cancellation of Blomkamp’s project, but at the same time she has no regrets, as her career still went well with xenomorphs in the past.

    As Weaver explains:

    “There are all kinds of young actors who do these kinds of roles. And there was a foreigner [film] I really wanted to do it with Neil Blomkamp and we couldn’t do it, but, you know, that ship sailed. I am very happy with what I do. I put my time in space! “

    This is definitely unfortunate news for a long time alien Fans who were hoping to see more of Ripley are in for more alien. For what it’s worth, Weaver got the chance to revisit his role The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2017. She was fit to back up the role of Ripley for a mockumentary movie trailer alien The film featured Colbert as a problematic employee, proving to be her toughest challenge yet. Since this will be her last time in the role, it’s definitely still worth watching, even if it’s for the sake of a spoof.

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    What’s next for the alien?

    alien pictures
    Fede Alvarez/Twitter

    while, alien New film directed by Fede Alvarez (Don’t breathe). Now filming in the new Budapest alien The movie is coming to Hulu for a streaming release, and this is yet to come predator prefix victim Attracting very high viewership on streaming device. how alien And predator They’ve feuded several times in the past, the former possibly taking some notes from the latter on how to revive the franchise. The first image from the set was released on Alien Day by Alvarez, shown above.

    Separately, a TV series is in development at FX Networks. The series comes from Noah Hawley and will start filming this year as well. As with the Hulu movie, it’s been described as a standalone project, and it’s not expected to feature any of the same characters from previous films in the franchise. This lends credence to Weaver’s assertion that her time is on alien The world has ended.

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