Agent Carter would be even better if it was released as the former ABC chief says in the current MCU

    thought the former head of ABC Agent Carter He could have done better today. Before Disney+’s current Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, there was the original Marvel TV era. From 2010 through 2019, Marvel Television hosted several shows across ABC, Netflix, and Hulu. But Marvel TV was eventually absorbed into Marvel Studios as part of Kevin Feige’s responsibilities.

    Agent Carter It was one of the few Marvel TV shows broadcast by ABC that only lasted two seasons. However, former ABC boss Paul Lee believes she would have done better today. In a new interview with detourLee expressed optimism Agent Carter If they exist today. As the MCU movies and shows are now interconnected, Lee shared the following:

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    Look, structurally speaking, don’t forget, this was at a time when Marvel Movies and Marvel TV were separated. So I think one of the reasons it’s doing better today is because the platform uses it. And he would have gracefully sat among those. But it was a great early suggestion about where the Marvel brand could go and very helpful for everyone.

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    Could Agent Carter Season 3 Happen?

    Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter holding a walkie-talkie in Agent Carter

    theoretically, Agent Carter Season 3 could always happen on Disney+ if Marvel Studios sees a possibility. It will be up to them if they will use it Agent Carter Original models or get a new creative team. However, it’s been nearly a decade since ABC canceled the show, and the MCU is at a different point now. It will be more difficult to get an audience Agent Carter Season 3.

    but, Agent Carter can always take Daredevil: Born Again way on Disney+. Instead of reviving the series, Peggy Carter’s story could continue in an all-new show. Since Hayley Atwell’s return to the MCU as Captain Carter, there has been interest in seeing Peggy’s arc continue. This would probably be the best choice, especially as part of the multiverse saga.

    Time will tell if Marvel Studios makes another comeback Agent Carter in any capacity. If they go Captain Carter way, it is likely to get more eyeballs than Agent Carter third season. But with Marvel Studios, anything can happen, including potential Agent Carter alive.

    Source: The Wrap

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