Actor Jack Dutton in 1923 explains his character’s desire for revenge

    Jack Dutton’s 1923 actor Darren Mann explains his character’s desire for revenge on Banner Creighton after the show’s first season finale.

    1923 Star Darren Mann explains Jack Dutton’s desire for revenge on Banner Creighton. In the Yellowstone The prequel, Banner (Jerome Flynn) and herdsmen were a constant threat to Jacob’s (Harrison Ford) family. Many of Banner’s men have been killed over issues of land and where to graze his flock. To retaliate, Banner leads an attack during which Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) is shot and Jack’s father dies. Despite his capture, Banner’s relationship with Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) and lack of evidence surrounding the attack lead to his eventual release, suggesting that the war between him and the Duttons will continue to 1923 Season 2.

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    In a recent interview with insideMann said that his character wants revenge on the shepherd. However, the 1923 The actor noted because Jacob runs the farm, he might have to wait it out. Read Mann’s comments regarding the possibility of Jack’s revenge below:

    Sitting back drives him a little crazy, and he longs to get back into Banner. Especially when he makes a remark like that about Elizabeth and what we’ve been through… Jack is just waiting for sweet revenge. He had wanted to come back after him for a long time, but he was not in charge at this time, right? So he should listen to Jacob, but I think that all along Jack was fighting to come back and get revenge.

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    It all happened at the end of the first season of 1923

    The Talking Jack Show Elizabeth in 1923

    After his release, Banner was encouraged not to engage with Jacob, but he still made a series of comments. Losing his temper, Jack tries to stand up to him but is annoyed that Elizabeth has been hurt. Banner wanted the Duttons dead, but Donald told him another way to take control of the ranch, eventually revealing that he paid Jacob’s taxes, making the property his if the money was not returned.

    Even after Banner’s previous attack on the Duttons, he continues to target those from the ranch, with one of his men alerting Zane (Brian Geraghty) of Alice’s (Joy Osmanski) marriage, leading to the latter’s arrest. When it comes to Jack, he remains close to Elizabeth, despite the loss of their child, and was ready to defend his home when Donald showed up. Jacob has already told his nephew that he will one day run the farm, but as the conflict escalates, it is unclear what his fate will be if he decides to take action in Season 2.

    Banner has made multiple efforts against the Duttons, but getting revenge may not guarantee that things will get better. If Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) returns to Montana, events leave questions about what he does about the current situation. It remains to be seen if Jack or any of the Duttons get revenge, however 1923 It continues, the family is likely to keep their land.

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