9 Terrible Horror Characters That Are Never Endless Girls

    when watching horror films, audiences root for two types of characters: the villain in question and the final girl. These characters are fun to watch. It makes audiences scream, cheer and sometimes cry. There is also another cast of characters, those who embody many of the last girl’s qualities, but don’t get the spotlight they deserve because of the horror movie’s plot. These characters quickly become fan favorites but sometimes they don’t even survive the end of their horror movie. Here are nine awesome horror characters who aren’t girls at all.

    Today’s movie

    9 Bobby Lynn – X (2022)

    Bobby Lane
    A 24

    Bobbi Lynn is everything fans could want in one last girl in 2022 X. Funny, talented, sassy, ​​daring, and affectionate, she shows kindness to everyone around her. She’s also a kind of mentor to Lauren, who, thanks to the support of Bobby Lynn, breaks out of her shell and explores a more sultry side of her sexuality. Unfortunately for Bobby Lane, her kind heart comes at a cost when Pearl kills her because of her striking resemblance to Pearl’s sister-in-law, Mitsy.

    8 Randy Mix – Scream (1996)

    Randy Mix
    Dimension movies

    It is indisputable that Scream Randy’s beloved supporting character, Randy has everything it takes to be the ultimate boy. Randy is smart, knows horror movies like the palm of his hand, and always seems to come closest to knowing the identity of Ghostface’s killer. Even after she was killed in scream 2Randy is constantly referenced throughout the franchise and even has a cameo in scream 3. Randy Mix is ​​a legend that never dies.

    7 Keteh – The Barbarian (2022)

    Twentieth Century Studios

    Keith is a red herring barbaric. It seems too cute to be true, but it isn’t. Keith is actually a decent guy who just wants to help Tess in her time of need, and maybe that’s his flaw. When Tess warns Keith of the room she found in the hidden vault, Keith’s good nature leads him to come down and investigate, only to meet with his untimely death at the hands of the Mother.

    6 Kirby – Scream 4 (2011)

    scream 4
    Dimension movies

    Randy Mix is ​​irreplaceable, but Kirby Reed is in a league of her own in how amazing she is as a character. Smart, a horror fan, and extremely loyal to her friends, Kirby steals the show scream 4, instantly becoming a fan favourite. Fans were dismayed when her character seemingly met her death at Charlie’s hands, and demanded that Kirby’s fate be rewritten. eleven years later, Scream A paid fan service when it was revealed that the character Kirby actually survived Ghostface’s attack, set to return in the upcoming Scream 6.

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    5 Rachel – Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: Michael Myers’ Revenge (1988-1989)

    Galaxy International Edition

    Despite being only a teenager Halloween 4: The Return of Michael MyersRachel plays a major role in the film’s events, acting as a surrogate sister and guardian to Jimmy Lloyd and ensuring their survival against Michael Myers. Caring, spunky and quick-witted, Rachel has all the quality required to become the final girl in the chain after Laurie Strode dies off-screen. However, Rachel faces an early demise Halloween 5: Michael Myers’ RevengeWhat a shame given the iconic status of this character.

    4 Barb – Black Christmas (1974)

    Barb (1)
    Warner Brothers

    Black Christmas It was revolutionary in itself. He introduced themes that had only been explored sparingly in previous films, including abortion, sexually explicit language, and a large amount of gore, specifically in Barb. Barb is an early feminist. sexually unrestrained, forward-looking, and unfazed by Billy’s predatory phone calls; She is the most interesting character in the movie. Barb could easily have been the final girl had the writing team gone in a different direction.

    3 Tommy Jarvis – Friday the 13th: Part 4-6 (1984-1986)

    Paramount Pictures

    When it was first introduced in Friday the 13th: The Final ChapterTommy is just a young boy who loves video games and has a special interest in masks. However, Tommy proves to be much more than a defenseless kid when Jason attacks his family and friends. When only Tommy and his sister Trish are left to confront Jason, Tommy quickly thinks of a way out by shaving his head, tricking Jason into thinking he’s looking at a mirror image of himself, and giving Trish enough time to knock Jason out. . However, it is Tommy who delivers the final blow when Jason temporarily backs out for the count. This is not the last time Tommy is seen dating in both Friday the 13th: A New Beginning And Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Live, to confront Jason’s doppelgänger and Jason himself. Tommy is as flexible as any last girl in the horror genre.

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    2 Molly Fresh (2022)

    Scout photos

    Molly as a deuteragonist Freshoften referring to social commentary to The film addresses while serving as a voice of reason for Nawa. While the audience can relate to Noa’s need for romance, Molly is all the last girl needs. Smart, charismatic, and brave, Molly goes to great lengths to discover Noa’s whereabouts when Steve kidnapped him. Fortunately for Molly, she was spared her ordeal on Noah’s side, only giving Steve his sweets when the three captive women beat him up.

    1 Karen – Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills (2018-2021)

    Halloween kills
    Universal Pictures

    Karen Nelson is one of the best-developed characters in the series Halloween franchise. Growing up in little more than a hiding place above a foster home, Karen learns survival tactics from her mother, Laurie Strode, whom no child should be placed in foster care for her own well-being. What makes Karen so attractive is her overall arc. She feels resentful towards Laurie for her upbringing, but is nonetheless sympathetic to her. Karen’s childhood experiences lead her to pursue a career in child psychology, which in turn allows her to see through the senseless chaos of Michael.

    While Karen initially refuses to hunt down Michael after his survival after a 2018 standoff against the Strode women, she sets to work to save her daughter Alison, seconds before Michael kills her, driving Michael into a trap orchestrated by the citizens of Haddonfield. In an unexpected plot ending in Halloween killsKaren was murdered by Michael Myers at the same location where Judith Myers was killed. Karen’s death is undoubtedly the saddest event in David Gordon Green’s life Halloween Triple.

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