9 of the most iconic movie characters, ranked

    Just like the captivating story, the involvement of the protagonists is what makes audiences swoon for the movie-watching experience. From John Wick and Frodo Baggins to Sienna Shaw and Simon Spier more recently, a strong protagonist is relatable and engaging to watch. Then there are heroes who are hard to empathize with because of their questionable motivations and decisions. Here are nine unlikeable movie heroes, in order.

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    9 Evan Hansen – Dear Evan Hansen (2021)

    Dear Evan Hansen
    Universal Pictures

    Evan Hansen was a victim of circumstance at first. Dealing with depression, Evan attempts suicide, resulting in an injury that leads him to meet an equally troubled Connor. When Connor writes about Evan as a mean joke, Evan’s life takes a sudden turn; He is believed to be Connor’s only friend by his family after Connor’s death. Evan then goes through a series of lies, all in his quest to get close to his love interest, Connor’s sister, Zoe. While Evan ultimately only wants to belong, he still manipulates the grieving family into taking her in as a replacement for their deceased son, making Evan very difficult to reach.

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    8 Marin – Bones and All (2022)

    Bones and every movie
    Warner Brothers

    From a young age, Marin preys on people to satisfy her thirst for blood, which causes her father to constantly move around for Marin’s own protection. When a man abandons Marin, she continues to search for her long-lost mother, hoping to understand why she feels the need to eat with others. When Marin meets Lee, a young man who shares her same urges to cannibalism, the two embark on a journey, leaving a bloody trail of corpses along the way. However, they grow closer through their turbulent shared history. Marin and Lee eventually turn over a new leaf, but Marin only does so because of her love for Lee; She never once thought about the devastation and pain her actions would cause others. Marin is ruthless and unworthy of redemption.

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    7 Sam – Cry (2022)

    Melissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter in Scream 5
    Paramount Pictures

    While Sam tries to do the right thing in… ScreamHer biggest setback is her insufferable personality. When she discovers that Billy Loomis is her father, Sam goes into a self-destructive situation, eventually abandoning her mother and younger half-sister, Tara, in an attempt to forget her disturbing family history. When Sam returns to Woodsboro, she is sucked into taking action, perpetuating Dewey’s death when he steps in to help save Tara from a second Ghostface attack. Sam manages to save the day, but that doesn’t change the fact that her actions bring Sydney and Jill face-to-face with another pair of Ghostface killers, nearly costing them their lives. Sam has a long way to go before filling an icon’s shoes Scream The final girl, Sidney Prescott.

    6 Heather – The Blair Witch Project (1999)

    The Blair Witch Project
    The pinnacle of entertainment

    in The Blair Witch ProjectAnd Heather is, blatantly, awful. She is self-centered, narcissistic, and will do anything to make a perfect documentary about the Blair Witch, as she harasses the local Maryland townsfolk while pressuring her classmates to join her in the woods that the witch herself is rumored to be haunting. When the trio eventually get lost in the woods, Heather breaks down and reveals how fragile her loyalties are, blaming her teammates for the mishap that got them into their predicament. While she is not directly responsible for their early demise, it is Heather’s recklessness that puts the group in harm’s way from the start.

    5 Gemma – M3GAN (2023)

    M3GAN casts
    Universal Pictures

    in M3GANGemma is a modern experiment by Doctor Victor Frankenstein, creating a monster that she quickly loses control of. However, what makes Gemma appalling is her lack of self-awareness. Not only does she create an AI that she has little understanding of, but she shifts all of her parental responsibilities for Caddy over to M3GAN. Inadvertently, Gemma causes the death of everyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with M3GAN.

    4 Christian Gray – 50 Shades of Gray (2015)

    Jamie Dornan as Christian Gray in a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey
    Universal Pictures

    Christian Gray embodies every unhealthy personality trait that can be found in a romantic partner. He is controlling, physically and emotionally abusive, and has a general misogynistic view of women, viewing them as more sexual objects than individuals with agency. Anastasia Steele is his biggest prey, enchanted by Christian’s allure, but ultimately caught up in his royal affair with almost no way out. Christian isn’t just hard to prove – he’s the villain of his own movie.

    3 Bella Swan – Twilight (2008)

    A scene from Twilight
    The pinnacle of entertainment

    in twilight, Bella is just a teenage girl, so most of her selfish actions are attributed to her general immaturity. However, she still underestimates the feelings of those around her. Bella’s main flaw is her inability to choose between the love interests of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Bella claims to love Edward, but refuses to break up with Jacob. Then there’s her dad, Charlie, who’s always on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of Bella’s adventures with the Cullen family. If only Bella thought more of those around her.

    2 Tess – The Barbarian (2022)

    Twentieth Century Studios

    Tess is without a doubt her moral compass barbaricAlways wanting to do the right thing by ensuring everyone’s safety. However, she is still a last girl and is expected to have a level of common sense, which Tess does not have. When Tess is warned of the dangers of Brightmoor, he insists on continuing to stay at the Airbnb he shares with Keith; She follows Keith into the hidden cellar despite suspecting something sinister is at play, and when she finally escapes from her confinement, Tess returns to rescue AJ rather than flee to safety. Tess narrowly manages to maintain her ultimate status as a girl by the end of the movie, all due to her lack of good judgment.

    1 Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City


    Last but not least is Carrie Bradshaw, New York City’s most stylish writer with a knack for unsettling romance. Carrie finally gets her big day at the altar with Mr. Big Sex and the City, but not before being stood by for the first time. Carrie’s troubles began long before the events of the film. Carrie is selfish, she binds her partners and best friends together, diminishes their time and love for her, and in the end, she’s just as messy as Mr. Big. It’s hard to cheer a heroine who only cares about herself.

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