7 things that will reinvigorate Marvel in MCU Phase 5

    There are some changes Marvel Studios could implement to revitalize the franchise throughout MCU Phase 5. Phase 4 of the MCU was an undeniable change of pace compared to the Infinity Saga. The introduction of the multiverse, the greater number of yearly releases, and the launch of Disney+ shows brought some advantages, but also some unwanted side effects.

    The divisive MCU Phase 4 is a bit more than the MCU can chew on, which has caused several issues with visual effects and rushed storylines. Phase One of this new era may also have released a lot of content to keep up with some, and it’s overcomplicated the main goal of the Multiverse saga, which deviates from the Infinity Saga’s simple promise of bringing together the Avengers to battle Thanos. However, there is still plenty of time to patch the MCU.

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    7 The MCU’s Phase 5 could determine its own new leads

    Iron Man, Captain America, Sam Wilson, and Doctor Strange

    The main characters in the Infinity Saga have clearly been established since the beginning of the MCU with a release IRon Mann And Captain America: The First Avenger. Although Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye were part of the original six Avengers that headlined the Infinity saga, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers have always been the main character in the MCU, and their journeys have shaped the franchise around them. Now, even though Sam Wilson has officially taken up the mantle of Captain America and the other Avengers have taken on bigger roles, there are still no MCU heroes filling the space left by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

    Phase 5 could finally give Sam Wilson a big role within the MCU with the responsibility of not only saving the world but also leading Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they prepare for the next big threat. See him appear in Secret invasion And Lightning It would also cement his role as the new Captain America in the MCU, which has not been depicted as relevant since. Falcon and the Winter Soldier.Marvels And Loki Season 2 also has the opportunity to turn Captain Marvel and Loki into true leaders in the Avengers’ fight against Kang the Conqueror.

    6 The MCU can continue to experiment with narrative structure

    Khonshu vs. Amit at the end of Knight of the Moon

    Phase 4 experimented with different tones, genres, and shapes. For example, WandaVision She played various forms of sitcom, and Werewolf by night A tribute to classic horror movies with its black and white look. However, Phase 4 still relies too much on superhero tropes like the needlessly action-packed final battle with the stakes of the end of the world and the fight between the hero and his evil mirror. Fortunately, the upcoming releases of Phase 5 promise more diverse conflicts such as Guardians of the Galaxy vs the High Evolutionary and Captain America vs The Leader, which could follow a different structure as the story isn’t necessarily resolved by world-ending VFX-heavy battles. .

    5 The MCU’s Phase 5 could go beyond the reintroduction of the Multiverse

    Kang the Conqueror, Doctor Strange, Loki, and the Watcher in the MCU

    Phase 4 has defined core concepts of the MCU’s multiverse in various films and shows. However, only a few of these stories have resulted in a clear setup for the rest of the multiverse saga. For example, Scarlet Witch’s “Nexus” status is never fully explained, according to the events Marvel’s What If…? It never seems to affect the main story of the MCU, and until the first installment of Phase 5, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniahad nothing to do with the multiverse even though Kang the Conqueror is the main villain.

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    Most confirmed versions of Phase 5 seem to have nothing to do with the multiverse, but those that do can at least start to delve deeper into the bizarre nature of alternate reality. Loki Season 2 could give Kang’s many MCU variants a bigger role and explore more alien timelines, and what if…? Season 2 could begin to tie The Watcher’s story into the MCU 616 universe. Agatha: A cove of chaos The multiverse can also be dealt with without having to explain more new concepts related to it.

    4 The MCU could explore more of the MCU’s rooted stories

    Jessica Jones Daredevil Nick's Secret Fury Invasion

    Not all Phase 4 releases included the multiverse, but most focused on fictional stories and larger-than-life characters. Characters that are usually more grounded, like Spider-Man, Shang-Chi, and Black Widow, have also dealt with Avengers-level threats that require a higher suspension of disbelief than they’re used to. Phase 5 releases eg LightningAnd sound echoAnd Daredevil: Born Again Scoping could go back and bring some realism back to the MCU to balance things out.

    3 MCU movies and shows need a quicker follow-up

    Tiamut's hand pierces the surface of the earth in eternity.

    Although Phase 4’s massive production made it seem like the MCU was moving in leaps and bounds, the ramifications of many of the groundbreaking events have been largely ignored so far. For example, the appearance of Tiamut and the appearance of Arishem at the end eternal It hasn’t been addressed since it happened, and it doesn’t look like any of the new MCU characters introduced in post-credits scenes during Phase 4 will be returning anytime soon. In order to make the franchise more cohesive, Phase 5 needs to pay off some of the many settings that Phase 4 left out.

    2 Another plot twist on the MCU’s Winter Soldier level

    The Winter Soldier and Nick Fury

    back in stage 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier It managed to be an earnest and ingrained part of the MCU that clearly made headway in the Infinity Saga and brought far-reaching consequences to the entire franchise. The shocking revelation that Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD completely changed Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Black Widow, and the entire MCU, and even suggested that Hydra’s Project Insight was close to killing Tony Stark and Doctor Strange. Phase 5 could offer a similar twist – one that affects the entire universe but doesn’t require prohibitive variables like character deaths or character introductions to be effective.

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    1 Slowing down the MCU’s release schedule to improve script and visual effects issues

    Ant-Man Quantumania and MCU Phase 4

    Phase 4’s sizable output has helped expand the MCU’s diverse array of genres and looks, but it can’t be sustainable in the long run, as it affects the quality of its storytelling and visual effects. Fortunately, the updated Phase 5 release plan will amend these issues, allowing the franchise to devote more time to the visual and narrative details of each installment. It would also avoid oversaturating the audience before the multiverse saga reaches its climax. In fact, the pace is slowing down MUC level five The key might be to fix every other flaw that prevented the MCU from reaching its full potential during Phase 4.

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