7 men with the most followers on Instagram

    The new Netflix show perfect match It proved to be a smash hit, which led many of the male cast members to see an increase in their social media followers. Since the show was adapted from Netflix reality TV, the already extended cast has been thrust into the spotlight and gaining a following on social media. However, many Perfect Match men really explode on social media after causing drama and romantic intrigue.

    Subtracting Netflix perfect match The first season on Valentine’s Day, bringing back several popular and controversial cast members from their various reality TV shows. Cast members from Too hot to handleAnd CircleAnd love is blindAnd the mole, and more Join the show that sees singles pairing up for a chance to control the newcomers entering the villa. Cast members who fail to find a match are eliminated although they will later have the chance to be sent home and search again for their perfect match. The search has many men buzzed, as Netflix hasn’t been shy about casting controversial reality TV villains.

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    Today display

    7 Dom Gabriel (207k)

    the moleDom Gabriel seems to be the rising male star perfect match. Dom has 207k followers on Instagram and is gaining. That’s pretty impressive for someone who was relatively unknown before joining perfect match. Dom got attention Too hot to handle Celebrity Francesca Farago first and later asked her co-star THTHGeorgia Hisarati will be his girlfriend on the show. Dom, who was 30 at the time of filming and was in touch with his feelings, was praised for his kindness and loyalty. Many viewers are now flocking to Instagram to follow him, and he is very fond of sharing his comedy skits with his growing fan base.

    6 Mitchell Eason (248k)

    Mitchell Eason joined perfect match After appearing in Circle Season 2, which leads to him quickly reconnecting with him Too hot to handle And Circle Ex-girlfriend Chloe Fitch. As the only virgin in the house, Mitchell was also the youngest cast member looking for love. Mitchell, who was 23 years old at the time of filming, currently has 249k followers on Instagram. Mitchell has gained a quarter of a million followers thanks to his reality TV fame, while he seems to enjoy being an influencer. Clearly, people were curious about his past relationship with Khloe, who neared two million followers on Instagram after appearing on several Netflix reality TV shows.

    5 Z Wilson (392 thousand)

    after dumping Warning: get married or move yan, Z. Wilson joined perfect match To give love another chance. Unfortunately, his lack of communication skills again hampered his ability to build a relationship. Although Zee, who was 27 at the time of filming, was eliminated in the first round of the perfect match, he still has 392k followers on Instagram cheering him on. Zee doesn’t post much on social media, though he still has quite a following who are interested in keeping up with his life.

    4 Shane Jansen (555 thousand)

    At the age of 33 love is blind Villain Shayne Jansen was the oldest member to join the cast perfect match. However, he did match up with the youngest cast member, 22-year-old Izzy Verthron, at one point. Shine has been given the nickname Villain due to his explosive temper, short temper, and general instability. However, he is also not considered to be such a major villain love is blind Superstar Bartise Bowden as Shayne has some real, likable moments that have earned him a whopping 555k followers on Instagram. Shayne is shown to be a darling online and has shared a lot of cute content with his mom, who has since passed away.

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    3 Joy Sasso (739 thousand)

    Joey Sasso pulled away with a name Circle Season 1 winner, because he was a likable guy with a lot of personality. The newly sober man entered perfect match With a determination not to drink, which set Joey apart from many of the drunken behaviors that tend to occur on reality TV shows. Joey quickly paired up with Kariselle Snow of Erotic monsters And Are you the chosen one? fame. Joey, who was 29 at the time of filming, has achieved huge success in the influencer world thanks to his reality TV appearances and early win in Circle. He currently has 739k followers on Instagram where he shares his life as an influencer with his followers.

    2 Damien Powers (835k)

    Damien Powers failed to impress with his lackluster energy perfect match After his coronation a love is blind Big villain. However, the criticism hasn’t stopped Damian from amassing a large following online. Damian, who was then 31 years old perfect match Filmed, he currently has 833k followers on Instagram and counting after his messy yet intriguing relationship with Giannina Gibelli was broadcast on Instagram. love is blind Season 1. Damien wastes no time when it comes to pairing up with Francesca perfect match, though she later dumps him. Although Damian angered many, he still has a lot of people following him, as he currently sits at 835k followers on Instagram.

    1 Chase D’Amore (1.5 million)

    Chase DeMoor, who may have a girlfriend, attained villain status after his appearance Too hot to handle Season 2. Chase was once again controversial perfect match He also threw himself at all the women in the house, trying not to finish him off. Chase, who was 26 at the time of filming, is constantly mocked online, but that hasn’t stopped him from gaining 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Chase bills himself as an A-list star, even though the Los Angeles-based resident is only known for his fame on Netflix. However, Chase has more followers than any of his colleagues perfect match male cast members, as social media obviously means a lot to him.

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