5 new Star Wars films that will put the saga back on track

    former to star Wars Celebrating 2023 Disney CEO Bob Iger was rumored to be looking to increase the quality of upcoming products star Wars films. Although several shows have been announced to be streaming on Disney+, there’s no official word on any movie titles in the pipeline. After a disastrous box office run Solo: A Star Wars Story And Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerIn their brutal reception, Disney and Lucasfilm have had to rethink a lot of their strategy when it comes to the quality of the movies they’re showing.

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    for its immediate future, star WarsLandscapes are TV shows, with titles like The MandalorianAnd Obi-Wan KenobiAnd Andor being wild successes. But while those shows have been doing well, more stories also need to be brought to the big screen. The shows allow for interesting character studies that audiences wouldn’t otherwise understand, but they also get weirdly into the larger arc of the Skywalker series. Seeing titles outside of the Skywalker timeline could be key to its box office success.

    Old Republic

    Promotional art for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic features the cast.

    The era of the Old Republic has been explored in multiple forms star Wars The books and three different video games delve into the time period in Legends. However, it is still widely explored, as it takes place thousands of years before the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It would be interesting to star Wars to show the full potential of the Jedi Order, similar to how viewers saw the mighty beginnings of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy in Boba Fett book.

    Bringing the Old Republic to the big screen would allow Lucasfilm to focus on new and interesting characters, especially the Jedi and Sith. Because of Palpatine’s reign as Sith Lord, audiences have seen few other Sith quite as dominant and omnipresent as Sidious, even if a few of his apprentices are explored. This would give Lucasfilm practically a clean slate in terms of how it wants to craft its stories, with very little need to fit into the larger structure of the Skywalker saga. If the films were set thousands of years before the events of the Skywalker Saga, there would be very little overlap, which makes for an interesting study of similarities and differences in character behavior and framing.

    First Jedi

    Luke Skywalker and the Prime Jedi mural in The Last Jedi.

    In the same vein, star Wars You might want to look into a movie about the first Jedi and the founding of the Jedi Order. It might be interesting to explore comparing how the ancient Jedi teachings were during the Skywalker saga versus how they were when they were developed. It would be great to see the first Jedi on Ahch-To, which appears in all three films in the sequel trilogy, but is largely portrayed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Having the same filming locations will not only make audiences more comfortable having seen the location before, but it also gives them something to compare it to, making the sequel trilogy relevant for conversations about Ahch-To.

    This movie would also be a great way to combine some legends material. in legends The Order was founded by four Jedi: Masters Kala Brinn, Garon Gard, Rajivari and Tyrs Sindon. with star Wars Recreate more items from legendsthis will be another opportunity for these four Jedi to establish the Order alongside the Prime Jedi, whose image is seen in last jedi. While the Prime Jedi are assumed to be the first Jedi, this does not mean that they created the Order. It could be an interesting dynamic for Lucasfilm to explore.

    Father, daughter and son

    Mortys mural in Star Wars Rebels.

    Clone Wars The arc that showed Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, and their Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, traveling to Mortis, is one of the series’ best. In the third season arc, the group is met by The Daughter, who is meant to represent the light side of the Force. The Son, voiced by Sam Witwer, embodied the dark side. The arc not only explored the origins of the Force, but also the future, by giving Anakin glimpses into his destiny as Darth Vader. The arc ended with the deaths of the daughter and the father, meaning that the son’s and the dark side’s rise to power was imminent – until his death at the hands of Anakin.

    Pictures of father, son and son are also seen in Star Wars Rebels When Ezra enters the world between worlds. A movie focusing on the Force user trilogy would be a great way to explore the mysterious energy field and how it works. In addition, if the world between worlds could be explored, it would allow them to travel to different times all the time star Wars date. A story like this has the potential to be very compelling, as it presents limitless opportunities for taking events anywhere.


    Lando raises an eyebrow at Solo.

    In December 2020, Kathleen Kennedy announced that Lucasfilm was moving forward with a TV show focused on Lando Calrissian Disney+ starring Donald Glover, who played Lando in single. in star Wars At the 2022 celebration, Kennedy said there was no movement to put the show together — and that could be a good thing. while single It didn’t work out too well, and it set up plenty of other plots, especially regarding Darth Maul and his crime syndicate, Crimson Dawn. Turning Lando’s standalone TV series into a movie could allow more of these ideas to develop, as well as bring Maul back to the big screen.

    Since there is no movement in terms of production, Lucasfilm will likely have time to alter the story to better fit the theatrical format. Donald Glover’s portrayal of Lando was one of the highlights of the film single, So not returning it would be a missed opportunity. With Lando’s film, there may be the possibility of seeing smaller versions of other films star Wars Original trilogy characters. or not, star Wars Celebration 2023 will provide more information about the state Lando project.


    Star Wars: Timothy Zahn cast.

    There is a lot to explore when it comes to Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Empire. Not only are there trilogies of canon books to draw from, but he’s also been the main villain in the last two seasons of the series Star Wars Rebels. In addition, it is rumored that he may appear earlier The Mandalorian Season 3, or the future Ahsoka Disney + show. The blue-skinned Empire is one of the smartest and most cunning enemies in the United States star Wars universe, and with its impending live-action jump-start, Lucasfilm could create a full Thrawn-centric trilogy, similar to the novels.

    It would certainly be an interesting move, considering what Marvel Studios has been able to achieve with Disney+ content affecting the films. It might be a great place to star Wars to experience the same thing. Marvel has had success with Thanos as the main character of the Avengers: EndgameAnd Thrawn’s reciprocation could result in huge profits. Thrawn is already believed to be the hantom’s new threat star Wars universe, so seeing all that backstory leading up to a movie would be a huge bonus.

    star Wars Celebration 2023 is fast approaching and should provide more answers about what fans can expect from Lucasfilm’s new films, but for now, it’s fun to explore the possibilities. There are rumors that Rian Johnson may still be back to direct for someone else star Wars trilogy, and that Taika Waititi is set to direct and appear in a film for the studio. However, the next day star Wars The film is supposed to take place in the year 2025, with Sharmaine Obaid-Shawnee set to direct, though Damon Lindelof is no longer writing the screenplay. With any luck, in the next few weeks Lucasfilm’s direction star Wars The movies will finally become more straightforward, marking another step closer to the franchise’s return to theaters.

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