5 MCU movies and shows that could feature Luke Cage in

    May bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe Luke Cage again in some upcoming movies and series in Phase 5 or Phase 6. The character, first portrayed by Mike Colter in Jessica Jones And later in his chain of events, Luke Cage, is one of the many Netflix characters not yet to return in the MCU following the cancellation of the Defenders Saga. However, with more and more characters from the Netflix series returning in various MCU projects, it seems very likely that Colter’s superhero will also appear in an upcoming movie or series, some of which seem absolutely perfect for his long-awaited return.

    The MCU is embracing the Defenders saga, bringing back some iconic characters. Already, Daredevil Charlie Cox appeared in Spider-Man: No way home And She-Hulk: Attorney at Lawwith future appearances set for sound echo And Daredevil: Born Again. Cox is joined by Vincent D’Onofrio, who portrays the Kingpin, and Jon Bernthal, who recently announced he’s returning as the Punisher. The sudden and somewhat quick appearance of Netflix’s Defenders characters signals the return of other heroes as well, with recent social media posts from Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter, who portray Jessica Jones, suggesting they will also reprise their roles in upcoming Marvel projects.

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    Secret invasion

    Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

    Luke Cage is perfect for a surprise role in Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ project, Secret invasion. The series is set to explore different corners of the MCU as it is revealed that alien, shape-shifting species known as Skrulls have secretly invaded Earth over several decades. Given the show’s widespread influence on the MCU, it only makes sense that characters from all corners of the franchise would appear, expanding the reach of the Skrulls’ invasion. On top of that, the show seems to be taking on a spy-like thriller tone Captain America: The Winter Soldierpaving the way for the emergence of more ground-based heroes such as Luke Cage.

    A few months before its premiere, Secret invasion Already excite the big cameos, which could include Chloe Bennett’s earthquake Shield agents. if Secret invasion Intending to incorporate some TV characters into the MCU, Luke Cage is another perfect choice to join the cast. In fact, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones both play pivotal roles in the comic book event of the same name, with the former already serving as a leading member of the New Avengers at the time. While Luke Cage likely won’t be an integral part of the MCU’s Secret invasionAnd his inclusion in the series would be a nice nod to the comics.

    sound echo

    Echo (Alaqua Cox) seen in rage in Hawkeye series.

    Currently scheduled for Phase 5, sound echo is another Disney+ series that could easily include Luke Cage in its first season, which will follow Alaqua Cox’s character, Maya Lopez, from hook. The series is already slated to include Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio Kingpin in main roles and is believed to play directly into the events of the series. Daredevil: Born Againwhich makes it very easy sound echo To include other Defenders Saga characters as well. The events of the series have been kept strictly confidential, in line with other major Marvel projects, but could hide a huge cameo from Luke Cage in it.

    because sound echo It’s going to be a street-level MCU show, and less powerful Marvel characters like Luke Cage fit right into the series. The inclusion of the additional Defenders Saga character would also connect Maya Lopez with the MCU’s street-level heroes, who seem to be becoming increasingly important despite the franchise’s cosmic shift in recent years. The two characters could find themselves founding members of a new lineup of Defenders in the MCU. Furthermore, due to Maya’s connection to New York City, where she was last seen hookit is not far from Luke Cage’s home in Harlem, indicating that the two superheroes could easily cross paths in the upcoming series.

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    Daredevil: Born Again

    Matt wears a suit in Daredevil Netflix Season 3 Born Again

    It seems very likely that Luke Cage will appear in the upcoming MCU Daredevil: Born Again. Of everything the MCU is currently working on, born again is the project most associated with Netflix’s Defenders Saga. While the eighteen-episode series will very likely drop some supporting characters, including Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson and Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page, some of the heroes in nearby Daredevil stand a better chance of appearing in it. With the series beginning to shoot, Punisher Jon Bernthal has been confirmed to appear in at least one episode of the upcoming season, suggesting other heroes like Luke Cage could make similar cameos as well.

    Although Charlie Cox showed interest in it reckless: born again Focusing on the MCU’s cameos, it’s not farfetched to expect certain allusions to the Defenders Saga, if not surprising appearances from the characters in it. Daredevil has been imagined as the MCU’s entry into the street-level crime-fighting scene, of which Luke Cage is a frequent contributor. If Daredevil is truly used to create another MCU team of street-level heroes, it would make perfect sense for his old crime-fighting Defenders buddies, including Luke Cage himself, to show up next. born again series. The series has plenty of room for such characters in its eighteen-episode first season.

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    Captain America: New World Order

    Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) made his first appearance as Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Possible meeting of Luke Cage with Sam Wilson in Captain America: New World Order It is not as impossible as it may seem at first. Except for Charlie Cox’s brief cameo Spider-Man: No way homeThere is little precedent for Marvel’s Netflix characters to appear in MCU films. However, as the franchise continues to strive for complete continuity between its films and series, it’s reasonable to expect the characters to fluctuate between the big and small screen with increasing regularity. And while Luke Cage hasn’t yet been fully integrated into the larger MCU after his series’ cancellation, he may well fit in. New world systemRumored conspiracy.

    Marvel has made that very clear New world system It will revolve around the super-soldiers and various Captain America impersonators that have appeared in the MCU as a result of Dr. Abraham Erskine’s super-soldier serum. Sam Wilson has become increasingly isolated as the only Captain America successor in the MCU without physical enhancements of any kind. in Luke Cagethe titular character’s powers are revealed to be derived from a simulation of a super soldier serum, a plot twist that could easily play into his appearance in the series. New world systemWhile Sam struggles for his place in the world of superheroes, another super soldier with more power than his own emerges.

    Spider-Man 4

    Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in his comically accurate Phase 4 costume

    Very little is known about the fourth in the MCU Spider Man Another movie than that is currently in pre-production with Tom Holland set to return. Despite the sparse facts regarding the first installment of the upcoming MCU trilogy of Spider-Man, the upcoming sequel is the perfect project to include more street-level Marvel heroes, including Luke Cage. Already, Spider-Man has been used to introduce the first returning Defender in Charlie Cox’s No going home a barrier. It would make sense to Spider-Man 4 To make another surprise appearance for another defender in Luke Cage, who lives a few subway stops away from Peter Parker’s Manhattan apartment.

    Moreover, the tragic ending means No going home It caused Peter Parker’s memories of the world to be erased, including any personal relationships he might have had with the Avengers. While Earth’s mighty heroes still remember their team-up with Spider-Man, Peter may be ready to start over with new heroes whose minds he hasn’t messed with. If that’s the case, then street-level heroes like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage himself would make perfect new allies for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. In the same way that Spider-Man reintroduced Daredevil, the beloved superhero can also achieve Luke CageEntrance to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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