5 Justice League Members Missing From The DC Universe (Will They Appear?)

    James Gunn’s new DC Universe curiously misses out on five major awards Justice League characters, but would still appear in future DCU projects. On January 31, 2023, James Gunn revealed ten new projects that will form part of the first chapter in the new DCU, after resetting the universe during the light. Delivered across film, television, and animation, these projects will introduce new heroes to the DC Universe as well as introduce new twists and different perspectives on some of DC’s most iconic superheroes, some of whom were introduced during previous runs of DCEU projects centered around core members. in the Justice League.

    While the likes of Superman and Batman will see a complete revamp in the future of the DCU, with projects like Superman: Legacy And Brave and daring Detailing new stories for these legendary heroes, the future of the other DCEU members of the Justice League is currently unclear. During his announcement, James Gunn emphasized that confirmed projects are only part of the DC Universe puzzle, though he neglected to reveal any final game along the lines of Justice League or Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, which would see heroes from solo projects team up against a common enemy. This has left the fates of some fan-favorite DC heroes hanging in the balance.

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    Wonder Woman

    gal gadot as wonder woman in dc projects

    filed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeGal Gadot’s Wonder Woman becomes a founding member of the Justice League, her backstory fleshed out in the success of Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman. while its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984However, not doing well, Gadot is set to have a long future in DC’s shared universe. This future was expected to continue throughout Peter Safran and James John’s new DCU, so it was a surprise when no mention was made. Wonder Woman The project has been announced, although there will be a file game of thronesHBO Max series styled Paradise Lostwhich will explore the land of Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s home.

    While Jenkins’ script for the plot Wonder Woman 3 Canceled by Gunn and Safran, the pair are still open to Gal Gadot reprising her role, or possibly taking on a new role, in future DCU projects. During a DC Studios press event (via, mentioned by Gann “[Gal’s] to do things. We’re not sure what to do with that.” Confirming that while Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will not be returning, other former DCEU actors could. However, Wonder Woman’s future in the DCU remains a mystery, but that doesn’t seem to be the end of Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the Demigoddess Amazon warrior.


    Ray Fisher as Cyborg in DC projects

    Ray Fisher has portrayed the cyborg/Victor Stone throughout previous DCEU projects, most notably in Justice League director cut, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which saw his character’s backstory fleshed out much further. In 2020, director Joss Whedon, who took over the role, was accused by Fisher Justice League After Zack Snyder left the project, complaining of toxicity and abuse on the film’s set, these criticisms then spilled over to Warner Bros. bosses. in the following months. This left Fisher’s future as the DCEU’s cyborg unclear, as he was originally intended to appear during this the lightbut watching it was removed from the text.

    2022 saw Ray Fisher receive more criticism on social media, particularly focused on James Gunn’s Twitter account in the weeks following his appointment as co-CEO of DC Studios. Perhaps Fisher’s harsh experiences working with DC mean he won’t return as Cyborg in future DC Universe projects, but given Superman and Batman’s recasts by Gunn, it’s possible he will be a Cyborg too. However, there was no mention of Cyborg in DCU Chapter 1 during Gunn’s announcement, so the character’s future as a member of the DC Universe’s future Justice League is currently unknown.

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    Martian Manhunter

    Harry Lennix as the Martian stalker in DC Enterprises

    After Harry Lynx emerges as General, Calvin Swanwick later becomes Secretary of Defense man of steel, the first project in the DCEU, fan theorized that it could actually be J’onn J’onzz, aka Martian Manhunter. Originally cut from Whedon’s Justice LeagueLynx reprized his role in Swanwick justice league zack snyder, Where he is officially revealed to be Martian Manhunter, a humanoid Martian from DC Comics who finds himself trapped on Earth, adopting human form to allow himself to blend in. Martian Manhunter hasn’t gotten much development in the DCEU, despite being an original member of the Justice League in the comics.

    Gunn has not revealed if there is a potential DCU Justice League The reboot will feature Martian Manhunter, despite the character being one of DC’s most popular and recognizable properties. The fact that Linux last appeared as Jon Jones dates back to 2013 man of steel It could mean that Gunn and Safran will instead decide to put a new spin on the character, possibly focusing more on his importance to the DCU. Lennix hasn’t been mentioned to reprise his role in future DCU projects, though it would be a shame to ignore such a formidable hero in the new DC Universe slate.

    The Flash (Beyond the Single Movie)

    Ezra Miller as Flash in DC Enterprises

    The Flash is one of DC’s most recognizable and longest-running superheroes. Grant Justin portrayed Barry Allen at The CW’s the lightpart of Arrowand Ezra Miller have brought the character to life in DCEU projects including Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeAnd Justice LeagueAnd Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Miller is set to reprise the role in 2023 the light, which will reset the DC Universe. However, despite the opportunity for new heroes to take their place in the DC Universe, Miller’s Barry Allen’s future in the franchise is unclear, though Gunn and Safran seem open to the actor returning in future projects.

    This, as mentioned by Safran (Heb diverse), is based on Miller’s recovery from a previously undiagnosed mental health condition after a number of public controversy. However, Jan mentioned in his January 2023 announcement that “The Flash is probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made,” So he seems to be fully embracing the movie’s role as a backdoor reboot for the DCU, and seems very open to Miller returning as the Flash. When, and if that happens, is yet to be seen, since Gunn didn’t include any mention of a future Flash Center project in Chapter 1 of the DC Universe.

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    Aquaman (After the Lost Kingdom)

    Jason Momoa as Aquaman in DC projects

    She originally appeared as a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeJason Momoa had a more prominent role in Justice League He accepted the role of Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, in 2018 Aquamanwhich became the highest-grossing DCEU film. Aquaman The massive success made sequels inevitable, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It’s set for release in December 2023, months after the DC Universe was reset during the light, indicating that Momoa will continue to play Carrie in future DCU projects. This is reinforced by comments from Momoa, Safran, and Jean, who all seem confident that Aquaman will return in the DCU’s future.

    Following Gunn and Safran’s promotions to co-CEOs at DC Studios, there was speculation that Jason Momoa would instead portray Lobo, the interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter from DC Comics. However, Gunn confirmed (trans digital spy) that DC Studios “There will be no actor playing two different roles,” So it seems as if Momoa will continue to play Carrey in future projects, especially as he was always envisioned Aquaman The story to be a trilogy. However, the standing potential Aquaman 3 It has not been confirmed by DC Studios, and there has been no mention of Aquaman in Gunn’s new DC Universe slate.

    Will the missing Justice League members appear in the DCU?

    justice league in dceu aquaman batman wonder woman cyborg superman flash

    While there’s no official confirmation of these five iconic heroes appearing in the DCU, there’s a lot to dissect from Gunn’s comments. Wonder Woman, being one of the “big three” heroes in the DCEU, seems likely to continue in the DCU, with Gal Gadot reprising the role. This could even happen during the DCU Paradise Lost series, which will detail the lives of the women who live on Themyscira. Gunn teased Jason Momoa to receive a trilogy as Aquaman, so there’s a good chance Arthur Curry will appear in future DCU projects, especially since Aquaman It was the most commercially successful DCEU film.

    The return of Ezra Miller as the Flash depends on their recovery, though Gunn and Safran seem excited that the Flash are playing a part in the induction of the universe, so it’s likely Miller will return. On the other hand, it’s hard to comment on whether Ray Fisher and Harry Lennix will have roles in the DCU. Maybe Fisher’s public criticism of Warner Bros. and DC that if Cyborg is included, the role will be recast. Lennix hasn’t seen as much development as J’onn J’onzz during the DCEU, so this role will also likely be recast if Martian Manhunter is included in the DCU.

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    Who else could join the Justice League in the DCU?

    The justice league from dc comics in the new dcu list

    Given its past history, Justice League is probably a very sensitive issue for DC Studios, so Gunn and Safran may have made the right choice to keep the slate of new DC Universe projects off the crossover team, at least for now. Only part of Chapter 1 of the DC Universe, subtitled Gods and Monsters, has been revealed, so it’s possible that this chapter will end with a new Justice League team-up, though nothing has been confirmed yet. In any case, it’s interesting to wonder what heroes might be on the new team, especially if the likes of Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, and the Flash aren’t returning anytime soon.

    start with Superman: Legacy It is distinguished Brave and daring In the new DC Universe, perhaps that means Superman and Batman will still play central roles in any Justice League-focused events. Gunn’s new roster seems to focus more on delivering solo projects, though the likes of it Supergirl: Woman of TomorrowAnd lanternsAnd gold booster All of them will debut remarkably strong characters in the franchise who could easily fill spots on a future Justice League team. However, it is not yet known if the new DCU will create another Justice Leagueso only time will tell the overarching story that will unfold.

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