20 of the best animated Disney characters of all time, ranked

    Disney It is one of the largest and most famous companies in the world. The studio has been known for its family entertainment, particularly the animated film projects that are part of the company’s DNA from founder Walt Disney. In the 100 years since Disney began, the company has reimagined fairy tales, folklore, classic literature, and more to create their own unique interpretations, and in many ways, these versions have become the defining hallmarks of how popular culture imagines them.

    Disney has no shortage of amazing characters, spanning across animated films and TV series. Not including other animation companies like Pixar Animation, there are still plenty of Disney characters to choose from. These characters are all over merchandise, in Disney theme parks, and have just become part of the corporate lexicon.

    Making a list of the best is certainly difficult, but considering their contributions to animation as well as Disney and popular culture as a whole, these are the best animated Disney characters.

    Today’s movie

    20 Baymax

    Baymax TV series on Disney+
    Disney +

    One of the stars of the movie Big Hero 6 It is loosely based on the Marvel Comic superhero, Baymax He is an adorable plush android designed to take care of others. With its soft voice, visually appealing design, and clever character writing that feels so close to a real responsive AI, Baymax has been a great addition to Disney and has recently starred in its own Disney+ series.

    19 Ursula

    Ursula, voiced by Pat Carroll, in The Little Mermaid
    Buena Vista Pictures

    Ursula He is the main antagonist the little Mermaid He is one of the most iconic Disney villains. Inspired by the divine actor and queen, Ursula is a Disney villain like no other and helped set a template that many future villains will follow. Her tentacles are an achievement in animation and her song “Poor Unfortunate Soul” is one of the best villain songs in the studio’s history.

    18 Cruella de Vil

    Cruella in 101 Dalmatians
    Buena Vista Pictures

    Cruella de Vil’s The song says it all. If it doesn’t scare you, nothing evil will do. main villain One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the villain has the iconic gritty look and sinister voice of Betty Lou Gerson, the character stands as one of the most evil characters in Disney history only due to the fact that she wants to kill innocent pups. Cruella de Vil is so popular that it has been translated into live action several times.

    17 tiger

    Tigger movie with Winnie the Pooh

    The cool thing about it tiger is that he’s the only one, and that’s what’s made him a fan-favorite character since his introduction in Winnie the Pooh and the Day of the Storm. Tigger is energetic, brave, cheerful, and definitely one of Disney’s most commercial characters. He was so popular that he was the first Winnie the Pooh character to get his own feature film, Tigger movie.

    16 Dumbo

    First look at Dumbo the Elephant in Tim Burton's Disney remake
    Buena Vista Pictures

    Dumbo It was Disney’s fourth animated movie, and the story of this poor baby elephant with giant ears that let him fly has captivated audiences for generations. Dumbo is cute, vulnerable, and a character any audience could see themselves in. His situation is even more coherent due to the character being one of the most popular rides in Disney theme parks.

    15 Kim possible

    Kim possible

    The only character on this list who didn’t originate in film but instead on television, Kim possible It was Disney’s attempt to make an action television series that paid homage to spy stories and the adventures of superheroes.

    Kim Possible herself is a standout in a team full of them, being a regular, normal girl with standard teenage problems but also constantly saving the world. Even without a major animated movie, Kim possible It is a cultural touchstone for an entire generation.

    14 Moana

    Pictures of Walt Disney

    Moana The Disney character has become a fan favorite since its introduction in the 2016 movie. The story of a young girl’s journey across the ocean to save her island as well as a journey into the interior to find out who she wants is an incredibly reliable story for anyone. Combine that with a terrific voice performance by Auliʻi Cravalho and Moana stands tall in Disney’s Heroes Complex.

    13 Jiminy Cricket

    Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio (2022)
    Disney +

    One of the most iconic characters in Disney history, Jiminy Cricket It first appeared in an early Disney version of Pinocchio It has been used in a variety of media across Disney. His signature designer clothes, can-do spirit, and many famous phrases have made their way into popular culture. He also has a feature singing “When You Wish Upon a Star” which is the song most associated with Disney.

    12 Mulan

    Mulan with a sword ready to fight in the cartoon Mulan
    Buena Vista Pictures

    Disney princesses have been the center of many discussions of pop culture, and Mulan It very much feels like the company is trying to right some of its past wrongs. Mulan is a brave, noble China warrior, but her strength especially comes from embracing her femininity and not seeing it as a weakness. Mulan is a hero who reminds kids to be true to their hearts and that their reflection will reveal who they are inside.

    11 Jack Skellington

    Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Pictures of Walt Disney

    While the strike was moderate at the time, The nightmare before christmas It has grown into a holiday classic and one of Disney’s most profitable merchandise efforts. at the heart of it Jack Skellingtona character whose story about finding purpose in his stagnant life has been entertaining audiences for years.

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    Jack’s speaking vocals are provided by Chris Sarandon and an iconic singing voice by Danny Elfman, Jack Skellington may not sound like the classic Disney character, but he’s one of the most famous.

    10 Rapunzel

    Pictures of Walt Disney

    Rapunzel was a star tangled, and both the character and the movie were a major turning point for Disney Animation. Rapunzel’s hair is a marvel of animation art, but her character act as a young girl aspiring to break away from her normal life felt in keeping with classic Disney traditions and also a fresh update. Mandy Moore’s A-list voice acting work gave the character a modern feel. Even after all these years, tangled It remains a modern Disney classic.

    9 Genie

    The Aladdin Live-Action Prequel takes place at Disney
    Buena Vista Pictures

    Genie She is the standout character of the hit movie AladdinAnd, in the voice of Robin Williams, he said Aladdin is legendary, and arguably changed the way actors approach voice work. Before Robin Williams was made, famous stars rarely made animated films, but then AladdinIt became a major selling point for all animated films in a practice that continues to this day. Action aside, Genie is the ultimate Robin Williams, as the animator is able to match Williams’ trademark comedic energy in a way that reality never could.

    8 mischievous

    Mischievous in a scene from Sleeping Beauty
    Buena Vista distribution

    When it comes to Disney villains, none are more iconic and powerful than mischievous. main villain sleeping beautyThis sinister dark witch, and her awe-inspiring dragon form were such a symbol of Disney’s ultimate evil that the company used her as a theme in the Fantasmic theme park show and game. Kingdom Hearts. Even with the popular live-action portrayal painting her as a heroine, Maleficent is a name that pop culture associates with villains in much the same way that Darth Vader or Hannibal Lecter does.

    7 stitch

    Lilo & Stitch live-action remake planned at Disney
    Buena Vista Pictures

    If one looks at the merchandise, one would guess stitch She is one of the most popular personalities in the world. Since 2002 Lilo and StitchDesigned to be a weapon of mass destruction but learning the value of family, this little blue alien was and remains a Disney character unlike any other. He is extremely popular and has appeared in several animated films and series, even taking place in other countries displaying the universal appeal of the character.

    6 Tinkerbell

    Peter Pan flies with Tinkerbell
    Pictures of Walt Disney

    Tinkerbell She is definitely one of the characters most associated with Disney. It first appeared in Peter PanSo creative, Tinkerbell’s design and character work has been featured in a variety of spin-offs including her own line of direct-to-video animated films. It was also an amulet The wonderful world of Disney TV series where she’s been flying across television screens, cementing her magic as an essential part of the Disney brand.

    5 Elsa

    Elsa from Frozen
    Walt Disney Studios

    more than any other modern Disney character, Elsa It had a huge impact on the fans and the company as a whole. Star frozenElsa’s hit song “Let It Go” transformed her from the role of the story’s original villain into a misunderstood, acceptance-seeking character that appeals to audiences everywhere. Elsa is a popular character not only for girls, but for kids and adults of all genders.

    Lines to watch Elsa’s character have some of the longest waits at Disney parks, and the company has used her as the basis and/or model for a number of its movies and TV series since. When people think of Disney, it’s hard to think of a time before Elsa.

    4 Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh
    Buena Vista distribution

    Winnie the Pooh She is a character loved by people of all ages. This short bear with tiny brains but a big heart is one of the oldest characters young children see because his stories are often lighter, softer, and lack any scary villains, but this warm connection to innocent childhood makes him a favorite with adults, too.

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    While Winnie the Pooh was created before Disney, most people when they think of him will imagine the Disney version and its countless movies and TV series.

    3 sucker

    Max and Goofy take a trip
    Buena Vista Photo Distribution

    One of the three big Disney faces, sucker She is one of the most diverse members of the Disney cartoon group. He was imagined as a bumbling idiot, a regular guy with a variety of jobs, of a loving suburban father. Goofy is one of the few classic Disney characters to get his own movie with a beloved cult classic goofy movie. Goofy’s clothes, voice, and hustle easily secure him as one of the best Disney characters ever created.

    2 donald duck

    donald duck

    There was that time donald duck Overshadowed by the popularity of Mickey Mouse. Donald is usually defined by his anger issues, but he also has a sweet, likable side as shown in his relationship with Daisy and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. From his distinctive voice to his navy attire, Donald Duck is one of the most popular characters in the world.

    1 Mickey Mouse

    The best Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts
    Walt Disney

    Who else could it be? Mickey Mouse She is the character that put Walt Disney on the map and created the Disney company as we know it. His iconic design, gentle voice, and childlike innocence have made Mickey more than just a character, he is an icon and known all over the world. As the song progresses is the club captain who made you and me. He is not only part of pop culture but culture in general and is one of the most recognizable faces on earth. The character’s contributions to art, entertainment, and society are too long to list.

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