18 angels and demons, ranked from worst to best

    More than fifteen seasons of supernaturalIn the game, the Winchester brothers encounter a lot of ancient beings and creatures. Raised as hunters by their grieving father, Sam and Dean are the best hunters in the world. They have an extensive network of people to help them hunt down monsters. People like Bobby, Garth, Judy, and Donna are not just hunters, but a surrogate family. When Sam and Dean can’t get each other off the ledge, their surrogate family either steps in or helps them find a way to break the deal they made.

    The deals Dean or Sam make are often with angels or demons. Angels are divided into three categories: archangels, seraphim, and hosts of heaven. Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer are the archangels, while the seraph’s angels can be your worst enemy or your best ally. Demons come in three classes: Kings, Knights, and Princes. Crowley and Lucifer are the Kings of Hell, while demons like Abaddon and Cain are the Knights. No matter the category, Sam and Dean face off against the worst of the worst and the best of angels and demons.

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    18 Uriel

    Robert Wisdom in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    As one of the members of the garrison at Castile, Uriel Specialist in angels. While many angels see humans as hairless apes of God, Uriel (Robert Wisdom) sees them as expendable. As one of the angels sent to convince Dean to become Michael’s vessel, Uriel makes no secret of his hatred of humanity either verbally or through his body language. He even tells Anna, his boss, that he’s always ready for a good whack.

    17 Lilith

    Kathryn Buechner in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    in jewish folklore, Lilith She is Adam’s first wife and the mother of the archangel Samael’s children, the demons, as Britannica explains. in supernatural, Lilith (Katherine Bucher) stays close to folklore, but with a twist. To open the Devil’s Cage, you must break 66 seals, the last of which is her death. Lilith possessed several people during the opening of the seals and held her family hostage using a promise of death if they transgressed her.

    16 Naomi

    Amanda eavesdropping in the supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    Genius story supernatural Castiel was acting as a spy of Heaven, under the instructions of the Angel of Intelligence, Naomi (Amanda eavesdropping). Its only function is to protect the Angel Tablet, which can seal the sky. Naomi uses torture, mind control, and murder to keep the Angels in line. Despite being Chief of Intelligence, her job is part of Heaven’s public relations.

    15 Brady

    Eric Johnson in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    Statista reported that 20% of heterosexual couples in 2017 met through friends. When Sam went to Stanford, one of his best friends, Brady (Eric Johnson), introduce him to Jess. Of course, Brady has been possessed by a demon the whole time he’s known Sam and he intentionally gave the couple away. Azazel put a lot of possessed people on Sam’s path, but Brady was the most sadistic.

    14 Zakaria

    Kurt Fuller in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    Kurt Fuller tends to play happy-go-lucky characters, but keep going supernatural, is the liaison between Michael and his ships. On behalf of the archangels planning to follow the end of the world, Zakaria He tortures Sam and Dean. He infects them with stage 4 stomach cancer and allows them to die to get them into heaven to drive a wedge between the brothers.

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    13 Crowley

    Mark Sheppard in Supernatural
    Warner Bros

    While Lucifer is locked away, Satan decides to turn Hell into a soul-tending act. Crowley (played by Mark Sheppard), like most demons, was a human who made a deal in exchange for his soul. He crowns himself King of Hell and for much of his time supernatural He’s a terrifying leader. Many demons fear him due to his use of unimaginable torture on those who betray him.

    Curtis Armstrong in Supernatural
    Warner Bros

    According to Fangasm, supernatural Angel was created by co-creator Ben Edlund Metatron Especially for the show. Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) is, by his own admission, an ordinary angel who has always been a pencil pusher. He was chosen by God to write instructions to demons, angels, and leviathans. However, he tricks Castiel into casting all the angels out of Heaven, so that he can be the new god.

    11 Asmodeus

    Jeffrey Vincent Barris in Supernatural
    Warner Bros

    While Cain led the Knights of Hell, the first children of Lucifer and Lilith were the Princes of Hell and rightful heirs to Lucifer’s throne. One of the four princes Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Barris), or the evil Colonel Sanders via Dean. He temporarily turned Hell back to the glory days of fire and brimstone.

    10 Michael

    Jake Abel in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    Archangel Michael He was the first angel created by God and the older brother of Gabriel, Lucifer and Raphael. In order for Michael to use his ships, he must gain acceptance from them. However, he uses manipulation to capture John Winchester (Matt Cohen) so that Dean can be saved for Apocalypse. Perhaps God willing the apocalypse, Michael and Lucifer forced it to happen and used manipulative measures on Dean, Sam, and their half-brother Adam (Jake Abel).

    9 Azazel

    Frederick Lean in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    The yellow-eyed demon who chose Sam and several children to lead Lucifer’s army at the end of the world, Azazel (Frederick Lane) was the Prince of Hell and the Demon General. During his time on Earth, he fed dozens of young children with demon blood and when they were adults, placed them in an abandoned town to compete for the starring role of leading Lucifer’s demonic army.

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    8 The devil

    Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural
    Warner Bros. Television

    Although he is the real King of Hell, The devil He was a fallen angel. Despite his manipulative behavior, such as stalking Sam to the point of institutionalization, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) is a kid who throws a tantrum to get his father’s attention. Granted’s tantrum cost all lives, but he has an apology session with God in Season 11.

    7 Ruby

    Genevieve Padalecki in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    The demon who aided Sam on his path to killing Lilith, thus opening Lucifer’s cage, is him Ruby. She is portrayed by Genevieve Padalecki (née Cortez), wife of Jared Padalecki. According to Us magazine, the couple met on the show. However, her portrayal of the fanatical devil is sheer perfection. Robbie perfectly manipulates Sam into becoming dependent on demon blood, which gives him the power to kill demons.

    6 Anael

    Danneel Ackles in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    In an interview with Variety, Danneel Ackles revealed that her first appearance on supernatural It was a tag from Twitter and the perfect role for her because she wasn’t in love with her husband, Jensen Ackles. portrays Ackles Anael, an angel charged with counting the spirits of heaven. Though she remains on earth after the fall as Sister Jo, a faith healer. Her skills even alienate Lucifer, whom she sometimes works with when it suits her.

    5 Cain

    Timothy Omundson and Jensen Ackles in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    the first son Cain He makes a deal with Lucifer and becomes the leader of the Knights of Hell. He is Lucifer’s right-hand man because he sacrificed himself for his little brother, something Dean knows well. Despite Cain being the Knight of Hell, Matt Carter was told by actor Timothy Omundson that Cain is a real badass.

    4 Castiel

    mishacollins supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    Thursday’s Angel, as Crowley calls him, is Castiel (played by Misha Collins). For owners, it’s totally polarizing. Some of the angels long for him to be God while others believe that Winchester is softening him. Much like a child, Castiel takes things literally and can easily be manipulated into doing things like spying on humanity, working with demons, and causing angels to fall from heaven. However, his compassion and protection of humanity makes him an honorary Winchester.

    3 meg

    Rachel Miner in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    Before Ruby entered Sam’s life, he met Sam meg On the side of the highway after an argument with Dean. She was one of Azazel’s most loyal demons and when Crowley began tormenting Lucifer’s minions, Meg (Rachel Miner) was his first priority to capture him. Through the series, Meg has become an ally of the Winchesters and Castiel, even caring for Castiel when he was institutionalized. After Crowley kills her, she reappears as a shadow form, ruler of The Empty, the place where angels and demons go when they die.

    2 Gabriel

    Richard Speight Jr. in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    youngest archangel, Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.) He hid under the alias of the trickster god Loki. He comes out of hiding during the apocalypse to play peacemaker. However, scammers use their brains to deceive others. Gabriel once trapped Sam in a Groundhog Day The reality is where he watched Dean die a thousand ways. He even cornered the brothers on several TV shows where they had to play themselves.

    1 Alastair

    Christopher Heyerdahl in Supernatural
    Warner Bros.

    He is not a knight, prince, or ruler of hell, Alastair He is a demonic Chief of Staff and executioner of the Cranes of Hell. He became a religious teacher in hell where he started torturing others. Aleister is one of the best demons supernatural Because he does not hesitate or choose humanity.

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