10 TV show moments that made viewers scream at the screen

    If you’re a fan of television and belong to one of the many masses dotting screens today, chances are you’ve witnessed a heart-stopping scene. It might have made you stand up on the couch and hold your chest tight, or it might have taken a step forward and actually screamed at the screen where a moment of joy occurred or it went in a different direction and a beloved character died. Whatever the case, this experience is not rare or far-fetched. The show’s contestants are constantly looking for new ways to keep the plot interesting and spicy, so focusing your attention on one character on the show could be setting you up for failure. However, here are ten moments that had viewers screaming at their screens.

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    10 Rory’s Pregnant – Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

    GilmoreGirlsAYITL- Quit- Netflix

    when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Released in 2016, years after the original show ended, fans were left on a huge cliffhanger when Rory told her mom she was pregnant in the last 10 seconds of the show. There was no follow-up with the revelation, prompting the public to try to analyze who the father of her child was, and to this day the debate continues. Is it Logan? Jess? The random guy in the Chewbacca suit she met? We need answers!

    9 The Red Wedding – Game of Thrones

    game of thrones
    Home Box Office (HBO)

    Although it was written in game of thrones Books and mainly predictable, The Red Wedding remains one of the most talked about plot twists in television history to this day. On the other hand, the act of such a massacre on screen was shocking to audiences, many of whom claimed they never expected it to happen, as well as the number of deaths that occurred in such a short period of time. The scene was extremely brutal, not many people had expected that it would be so bloody. Robb Stark, you were taken too soon!

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    8 George gets hit by a bus – Grey’s Anatomy

    Gray's Anatomy -1
    Disney-ABC Domestic Television

    instinctive anatomy There have been a lot of major characters come and go, and one of the most dramatic revelations came when Meredith found out that the John Doe who was hit by a bus was actually George. The audience watched with restless breaths as George tried to communicate to Meredith that he was at the table, all banged up and died, writing 007 on her palm until she finally understood. When he died, fans were devastated, and losing George was really one of the first major main characters to die on the show, and it opened doors for many more to come.

    7 Ted Going to Robin – How I Met Your Mother

    how i met your mother
    20th Century Fox Television

    throughout the entirety how i met your motherAnd They constantly hint that Robin and Ted just aren’t right for each other. She matched well with Barney, and Ted eventually found and married the girl of his dreams, but in the end, it was revealed that she actually died. Ted has reached the end of his story, the episode is about to end, and suddenly fans are watching in horror as the setting turns and Ted heads towards a certain apartment… with a blue French horn. It just didn’t feel like the right ending for the pairing of Ted and Robin after the series tore them apart, and fans just couldn’t accept the way the series ended.

    6 The bad place – the good place

    Eleanor (Kristen Bell) is waiting for Michael to welcome her to the fake good place.
    NBC Worldwide Television Distribution

    The good place It was an instant comic hit and was a hit with every episode released, with fans enjoying the spin on people who go to Heaven, also known as “The Good Place”. However, the show gives you some hints throughout the first season that something might be amiss, because Eleanor, our main character, is literally not a good person. It’s an anomaly as to how and why she ended up in a good place, as well as her close friends who stick with her. In the season finale of Season 1, Eleanor puts everything together and realizes they’ve really been in The Bad Place this whole time.

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    5 Death of Tara – Sons of Anarchy

    Sons of Anarchy
    Linson Entertainment

    There were many long and agonizing deaths that occurred in it Sons of Anarchy, but one of the most brutal deaths is that of Tara. She may not have been a fan favorite, but fans were on the edge of their seats watching Gemma assault Jax’s wife in the dirty kitchen. Gemma forced Tara’s head under the water from the sink before stabbing her in the back of the head with a cooking fork. It was intense, bloody, and frank. Fans had such a huge reaction because they knew what Jax was going to do once he found out, and Gemma’s fate was basically sealed.

    4 Reunion – Outer Banks


    offshore banks Its third season was recently released, and it was much anticipated since the series has been such a hit with audiences since it came out during the peak of COVID in 2020. Kiara, Bob, and JJ literally run into John B and Sarah in the middle of the street after they are presumed dead, which was one of the most The most touching and influential moments in the series. The look on the faces of John B’s friends during their encounter made fans scream at their screens with the hard feelings on their faces. Since John B was alive and well, their family was complete again.

    3 Derek’s Death – Grey’s Anatomy

    Patrick Dempsey

    With chain size instinct anatomyThere are bound to be a lot of major character deaths that happen over the many seasons, and when fan favorites are picked, it’s like shutting down the fandom. When Derek got into a car accident, almost everyone assumed it would happen because it was Derek Shepherd. There was no way he could actually die. Then the truth was revealed: he was brain dead, and Meredith had to tell him that it was okay to die and that his family would be fine without him. Fans were devastated when it was confirmed that he was indeed dead, and didn’t know how to accept such a loss.

    2 Jack returns to the island – lost

    jack lost
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    A very confusing scene indeed Lost (Although the show was full of them) was when, instead of giving the audience flashbacks, they decided to take us a moment forward. At first, she thinks it’s a flashback when she sees Jack struggling, doing drugs, drinking, and acting crazy. However, when Kate enters the scene and Jack has this sudden appearance that they need to get back on the island, you are thrown for a loop.

    1 Glenn’s Death – The Walking Dead

    Premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7.

    Glenn’s death the walking Dead is one of the most frequently occurring murders on television, precisely because he died. Fans had to wait six months to find out who Negan decided to role model, and during that time, fans tried to parse out who was seated based on the scene left off in the mid-series finale, and calculate the angle with who was seated. When it was revealed that it was Abraham and then Glenn, many die-hard fans left the show right then and there. To this day, you can see reaction videos of people watching Glenn die on screen, literally screaming into their televisions.

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