10 times the Mikaelsons were an ordinary family

    “Sometimes, it’s dinner, and sometimes, it’s daggers.” Cole’s remarks at Freya’s wedding encapsulate the dysfunctional nature of the Mikaelson siblings in V The originalswhile, at the same time, abbreviating that despite their complicated pasts and differences, they are still blood.

    The Mikaelsons are known for their superpowers, family drama, and complex relationships. However, despite their supernatural abilities, there are moments in… The originals They seem like an ordinary family. These scenes are rare, but they do offer a glimpse into the humanity that still exists within. Throughout the series, the Mikaelsons are constantly fighting enemies and dealing with their own personal demons. However, in these rare moments of normalcy, the public bears witness to the strong and loving bond between the siblings.

    These scenes often involve them coming together to protect each other, remember their past, or simply enjoy each other’s company. They serve as a reminder that despite their supernatural traits and centuries of existence, they are still family at heart. like The originals Moving forward, the Mikaelsons face many challenges that test them, making these tender moments all the more precious. This article will explore 10 instances where the Mikaelsons were an ordinary family The originals.

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    10 Flee Mikael Together – Season 3, Episode 1

    The originals season 3 episode 1 with subtitles

    Since the beginning, the Mikaelson family has had diverse experiences in different areas of their lives. But one of them all concerns father issues through the brutality of their father, Mikael, a vampire, whose sole goal is to wipe his children off the face of the earth. Although Klaus was the recipient of Mikael’s cruelty the most, his siblings were not excused from his horror. This is seen in this scene where Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Cole, and Rebecca deliberate on a plan to flee after Mikael attacks their settlement with the Martels. In a rare scene, which also happens to be a flashback, we see the Mikaelson siblings having an emergency family meeting in the middle of the woods, where they discuss their survival as a unit.

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    9 Esther’s Dinner with the Mikaelson Boys – Season 2, Episode 3

    The original Mikaelson brothers

    In the episode “Every Son is a Mother”, Mother Mikaelson returns to New Orleans with the intention of “saving her family” by remaking her children into witches. Esther invites Klaus and Elijah to dinner, with Cole and Finn present. However, the night soon takes an unexpected turn when a painful revelation about Klaus’ werewolf side is made. This moment entails the Mikaelson boys arguing in front of their mother at the dinner table, like we’ve never seen before The Vampire Diaries long story.

    8 Bonfire Tradition Season 3 Episode 9 Season 5 Episode 13

    The Original Christmas Family 3x09

    Every family has a Christmas holiday tradition, and the Mikaelson family is no different. One can expect an apocalyptic feast of these blood nutrients; However, it is a totally innocent and healthy activity. Called The Bonfire Tradition by Rebecca, it involves the Mikaelson brothers writing a wish and throwing it into a bonfire for good luck. The Bonfire tradition happens through different episodes and seasons throughout The originals And eventually, it becomes its own phenomenon within the fandom.

    7 Selfie Worth Frame – Season 2, Episode 9

    The originals are Klaus, Rebekah, Hope, Hayley, and Elijah
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    What else screams family goals more than a cute group selfie? When Dahlia remains adamant about claiming Hope for a Child for herself, the Mikaelson and Hayley trio retreat to an old cabin house. While they enjoy the quiet of the moment, Rebekah runs out of the house with a camera. In this short scene, Rebekah’s excitement, Klaus’ reaction, and Hayley’s response to Elijah’s subtle joke make it one of the best family moments of all time. The originals. Although the memorable photo was burned as part of the bonfire tradition, seeing the framed copy reappear in Hope’s teenage bedroom in the series finale more than a decade later was satisfying.

    6 Savior Christmas – Season 3, Episode 9

    The original Christmas episode

    During the climax of a prophecy that predicts that Elijah, Rebecca, and Klaus will fall at the hands of either friend, foe, or family, the Mikaelson family doesn’t allow their impending fate to spoil their Christmas break. In the spirit of the holiday season, the Mikalesons opened their home to Jackson and Camille, and that’s not the highlight. For a number of reasons, this particular episode is unique. First, it’s Freya’s first Christmas with her new family. Second, after seasons of speculation, it became clear that Klaus and Camille were the end game. Like every other family celebrating, they share gifts with each other, and most importantly, the Mikaelson trio renew their always-and-forever thousand-year vows.

    5 Finn’s death and funeral season 3 episode 17

    Death of Finn Origins 3x17

    Finn Mickelson has always been the odd one out. Many would say it was the neglected brother who deserved to rot in a coffin for 900 years. However, after Finn gets bitten by the upgraded Castle of Lucian and clearly won’t survive, we can’t help but wonder if he deserves better. It’s both heartbreaking and comforting to see him spend his final moments with his younger siblings at his side. Although it took a grim circumstance for his brothers to realize the reality of vampirism, Finn’s death and funeral scene is one of the most important moments that bring the Mikaelsons closer as siblings. Furthermore, it made them cherish each other and their immortality even more.

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    4 Rescuing Klaus from Marcel – Season 4, Episode 1

    Originals Kol, Klaus, Hayley, Elijah, and Freya
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    So that his brothers can escape New Orleans safely, Klaus readily volunteers to be Marcel’s prisoner for five years. During this period, he was tortured and mocked by tourists who came from everywhere to witness the capture of the great Klaus Mikkelson. However, after his brothers are awakened thanks to the efforts of Hayley and Freya, we see another emergency family meeting between the Mikaelson siblings before they bravely storm the lion’s den to rescue one of them. Like family members who haven’t seen each other in years, despite his frail condition, Klaus gives each of his siblings a hug before they leave for good.

    3 Freya’s Wedding – Season 5, Episode 11

    The Originals Klaus and Elijah Freya's wedding

    Even in their darkest hour, the Mikaelson siblings still know how to find joy. For centuries, the original family had experienced everything life has to offer except for a wedding involving one of their siblings. When Freya follows her heart and boldly decides to marry Kellen, we see how kind and supportive Elijah, Klaus, Kol, and Rebecca can be. Although Kol, the wedding officiant, couldn’t help but throw a sarcastic jab at Klaus’ dagger over the years, he still complemented this warm and casual family moment that remains in the memory, not for the characters alone, but for the show’s devout fans. .

    2 Klaus’ Farewell Dinner – Season 5, Episode 13

    The Originals Last Supper 5

    After five seasons that involved the Mikaelsons’ chaotic adventure, fleeing their father’s wrath, avoiding the exploits of their manipulative mother, or vanquishing any threat that dared put them as vampires at the top, what better way to end The originals From a festive farewell dinner and euphoria.

    to the tune mountain to move Written by Nick Molly, the family recounts their past with banter and good humor. It’s a bittersweet moment but also a reminder that even the most dysfunctional of families can have moments of love and togetherness. Like never before, the Mikaelson siblings are smiling from ear to ear. Given how relaxed they are, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the scene was probably unscripted. It was just the cast enjoying each other’s company while remembering how far their characters have come in Julie Plec’s The Vampire Diaries universe.

    1 Klaus’ funeral

    Legacies Hope, Freya, Marcel, Rebecca, and Cole
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    Klaus boldly stated: “If this is my funeral, let’s go on with it.” The originals Conclusion. However, that wasn’t until the end of his show, Legacies, that his memorial was already held. After Klaus and Elijah deliberately choose their Shakespearean deaths, fading their ashes gracefully across the border, the Mikaelson siblings and their spouses make good on their promise to meet again and again as the years pass. This time, what brings them together is Klaus’ funeral and the swirl of hope on her dark side. Using magic to gather Klaus’ ashes so they can give him a proper send-off, the remaining Mikkelsons repeat their vows “always and forever”. Especially for hope at a time when it is most needed.

    In conclusion, while the Mikaelsons may have a reputation for being ruthless and power-hungry, there are many moments in the series. The originals When they showed that they can also be a mean, loving family. From family dinners and bonfires to supporting each other through painful times and working together as a winning team, the Mikaelsons prove that even the most dysfunctional families can have moments of love, togetherness, and growth. These moments remind us that even supernatural beings are not immune to the importance of family and the power of love and forgiveness.

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