10 of the most colorful horror movies

    It is human nature to be afraid of what lies around you when the lights are out. However, some films differ. Sometimes darkness is the only safe place left to hide. Instead of plunging into darkness and shadows, some horror movies I like to make things bright and colorful. However, a little flashy background isn’t going to stop the monsters anytime soon.

    There are many reasons why Scary Story wants to embrace the colors of the world. It could just be the look the director wanted. It may contain a hidden message, such as a lack of confidence in your own eyes. Sometimes, shooting is only practical during daylight hours.

    10 Suspiria (1977)

    Susie Banyon from Suspiria encounters the witch
    Produzione Atlas Consorziate

    Dario Argento’s classic horror suspense He sees Susie Bannion enroll in Tanz-Academy, a German dance school, only to learn that it is a front for murderous witches. The school is naturally flashy and ornate to hide its true nature. suspense It even particularly benefits from being lit all the time. Blue-green lights appear when the characters aren’t supposed to see what’s going on, but the audience can.

    Interestingly, suspenseThe most joyful, and likely the darkest, moments do not happen at school. Early on, a student named Pat runs away to her friend Sonya Crimson’s apartment complex. Just then, an invisible threat comes to Pat, pushing her through a rainbow-colored window in the process.

    9 The Wicker Man (1973)

    The Wicker Man (1973)
    british lion movies

    The bough manSergeant Neil Howe is assigned to investigate a missing person case on the remote island of Someril. During Howie’s stay, preparations are being made for the local harvest festival where the May Queen will be crowned. However, amid all the singing, dancing, and beautiful scenery, not a single soul may survive the event. be a sacrifice in the flames of fire.

    If things can hide in shadows, then light reveals things for what they really are, and The bough man He takes good advantage of this. It could be said that the villagers’ festivities were made even more spooky by being carried out in the open.

    8 The Mask of the Red Death (1964)

    Death is revealed in the Mask of the Red Death
    Anglo-Incorporated Warner Pathe

    Mask of the Red Death It is a film adaptation of the story by Edgar Allan Poe, starring horror icon Vincent Price. Even in the midst of the plague, the Red Death, the court of demonic Prince Prospero is filled with color and majesty. This is especially true of the Masquerade Masquerade, where a shadowy figure dressed all in red appears.

    This figure is none other than the Red Death itself. In fact, the death of other colors seems to be present as well. In the end, the Red Death is greeted by similar characters in orange, yellow, blue, and violet, making a whole rainbow of deaths, as well as white and black.

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    7 Carrie (1976)

    United Artists

    curry It makes good use of color to set the mood. Light blue appears on characters who are only sympathetic to Carrie, such as Sue Snell and Tommy. The color red appears when Carrie is in danger, from Norma’s red hat to her famous pig’s blood bucket. Of course, when Carrie is covered in red, she awakens her full power and becomes the true danger of the story.

    curryThe famous ending, where Sue fears seeing an arm sticking out of Carrie’s grave and grabs onto it, was filmed in broad daylight.

    6 Witch of Love (2016)

    The witch of love casts a spell
    Oscilloscope Labs

    love witch It is about Elaine, a witch in the modern world, who moves to a new town after the mysterious death of her husband, to which she may have had a hand. Other men soon find themselves falling in love with Elaine and losing their lives.

    Despite the modern environment, love witch is a visual homage to Technicolor films from the 60’s and 70’s. For example, Eileen takes part in a mock Renaissance wedding, which is decorated far from the wedding scene in Jean Cocteau’s fairy tale, donkey skin.

    5 Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

    1968 psychological horror Rosemary's Baby
    Paramount Pictures

    in Rosemary’s babyRosemary and her husband, actor Jay, moved into an apartment building in New York City. Their new elderly neighbors seem friendly, but after a nightmare, Rosemary soon finds herself drawn into a plot involving a witch cult.

    Rosemary’s baby He makes good use of yellow, especially in scenes involving Rosemary and the apartment. This helps give the film an aura of deception and sulfur. Witches also make good use of color, wearing bright and colorful clothing, which allows them to disguise their true colours. Even the movie title is displayed in bright neon pink.

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    4 The Shining (1980)

    Danny rides the halls in The Shining
    Pictures Warner Bros
    Columbia Pictures
    EMI Films

    the shining is a 1980 film based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Writer Jack Torrance gets a job at an old hotel, and takes his wife, Wendy, and son, Danny, with him. In this new setting, the supernatural soon becomes apparent, especially as Danny develops strange powers. Meanwhile, Jack may soon follow in the footsteps of the former caretaker, who took the lives of his family.

    The hotel’s ambiance is filled with all sorts of colors at times, with orange, yellow, green and blue. However, the color that gets the most emphasis is red, particularly in a sequence that includes a blood-soaked elevator.

    3 Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

    Damn cannibal films holocaust

    Italian horror movie Cannibal Holocaust He sees a group of filmmakers who have gone missing while working on a documentary in the Amazon rainforest. When the rescue team looks into it, the true horror of the story emerges. Amidst two warring tribes of cannibals, the Lost Filmmakers prove to be the true villains of the story.

    like Cannibal HolocaustThe movie-within-a-film simulates a documentary, set in bright sunshine. This also has the added effect of some of the film’s scariest moments shown in all their horror.

    2 Pearl (2022)

    Pearl with Mia Goth
    A 24

    Pearl: The X-traordinary Origin Story It is a prequel to X, revolves around the early life of the villainous title character. In the late 2000s, Pearl is a young farm girl living with her immigrant parents while her husband, Howard, serves in the war. Pearl dreams of living a glamorous life like in the movies. When she gets the chance to join a dance troupe, Pearl won’t let anything get in her way.

    Pearl A visual tribute to Hollywood’s Golden Age films and Technicolor films. In particular, Pearl itself was designed as a sort of dark parody of Dorothy Gale of The Who The Wizard of Oz.

    1 Midsmar (2019)

    Midsommar featured image 1200 x 630
    A 24

    Midsmar is a 2019 film that depicts a young couple, Christian and Danny, who travel to Sweden for the Midsummer Festival that takes place every 90 years. The setting promises an endless amount of sunshine, as the sun never quite sets during the middle of summer. However, the event soon proves sinister, as the participants are ritually sacrificed. It soon becomes clear that even strangers are not spared from killing. With Dany crowned Queen of May, she will soon be tasked with choosing who lives and dies.

    Midsmar It is seen as an example of the folk horror genre that uses folklore and superstition. particularly, Midsmar It was particularly compared to The bough man.

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