10 most romantic movies of all time

    unhinged romantic Movies are popular with people who don’t like their romances to be elegant. They take the usual drama and misunderstandings of a typical romantic story and turn it into 11. You might see triple double infidelities, excessive violence, drugs, and vicious dealings that almost make you wonder if you ever want to seek out romantic partners at all. These romances often seem to like to play with viewer expectations and intentionally subvert them, sometimes just for the fun of it. Here are the ten most romantic films of all time.

    The Maid (2016)

    the maid
    CJ Entertainment

    the maid is a Korean romantic psychological thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook. It is loosely based on a novel called Finger jeweler which changed its location from Victoria, Britain, to Japanese-occupied Korea. The film follows a conman named Fujiwara who plots to trick a Japanese heiress named Hideko into marrying him so he can steal her family’s money. To this end, he hires a street pickpocket named Seok-hee to infiltrate the Hikido estate and become her personal maid. The following story is told non-linearly through flashbacks that mask plot twists and is divided into three parts. The estate is much darker than first thought, and Hideko’s uncle has been torturing and killing people for years, forcing Hideko to read sadistic pornography to the guests. Hikedo and Fujwara reveal that they intend to betray the maid and let her fall as they divide the inheritance money. That is until it is revealed that the maid and Hikeko had in fact crossed Fujiwara and pretended to betray the maid so they wouldn’t have to split the money. The movie ends with a trail of corpses and maid Sook-hee and Hideko sailing off into the sunset with their money and love lives.

    Today’s movie

    True Romance (1993)

    True romance
    Warner Bros.

    Contrary to his name, True romance It’s a romantic movie that isn’t perfect. The 1993 film tells the story of a comic book geek named Clarence, played by Christian Slater, and his romance with a prostitute named Alabama, played by Patricia Arquette. The film is directed by Quentin Tarantino and is a wacky and scary ride, thanks to oddball performances along with violent action scenes. After Clarence falls in love with Alabama, his pimp tells her the news of their relationship, which leads to a confrontation where he is forced to kill and rob him. The bag he took is full of cocaine, which causes the mob to chase the two. A series of obsessive violence, drug deals, and plenty of shootings, ends up giving birth to a son named after Elvis Presley.

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    Ghost Theme (2017)

    dummy thread
    Focus features

    Stealth topic is a historical romantic drama directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and released in 2017. The film is set in 1950s London and follows fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock and his business of creating dresses for upper-society. Reynolds maintains his bachelor’s degree, so he can get inspiration and companionship from the different women he meets. All of this is turned upside down when he meets a young girl named Alma, who is particularly strong-willed. Their romance falls apart after an argument when Alma tries to take over his life and poison him, so he has to rely on her for everything. The film ends with Reynolds accepting that he is permanently poisoned and Alma dreaming about how their lives will improve now that she has quelled Reynolds’ domineering personality by keeping him constantly ill.

    Joncrazy (1992)

    Gonkrezi -1
    First Look International

    GunCrazy It is a remake of a romantic drama film that was initially produced in the 1950s. The remake shows off the dysfunctional factors of the original movie and adds more killing and violence than the original movie. Crazy gun It tells the story of a California teen named Anita with an absent mother in her life, and her mother’s abusive boyfriend. At school, things are not much better, as she is bullied by her classmates. However, things change when she gets a penny from prison and helps him get parole. Once on parole, a convict named Howard and Anita murdered the mother’s boyfriend after he sexually assaulted her. The two then escape, killing and robbing along the way while in hot pursuit by Howard’s parole officer.

    Black Swan (2010)

    Black Swan (1)
    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    black Swan is a psychological horror film starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, and was released in 2010. The romance in the film becomes increasingly disjointed as the main character, Nina, played by Portman, increasingly loses her grip on reality. In the story, Nina and her rival Lily compete in a New York ballet company for roles in the famous play Swan Lake. Nina experiences a descent into madness, making it possible that her romance with Lily is completely on her mind. However, the final performance becomes very surreal, with the possibility of murder or suicide depending on your interpretation of the ending.

    Natalie Portman told Vanity Fair in an interview that she was shocked the movie ended. She said she thought she was shooting a dramatic documentary the whole time and was just as surprised as the audience to see how the movie turned out.

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    The Boy Next Door (2015)

    Boy next door window
    Universal Pictures

    the boy next door is a suspenseful thriller that follows a young man who, after a one-night stand, begins a tense obsession with a high school teacher. A newly segregated high schooler named Claire meets a charming teenager named Noah after he moves in next door. At first, she enjoys their friendship and starts flirting with him for fun. However, the fun gets real one night after they end up bonding together. After this relationship, she tries to reject him, but he goes to increasingly psychotic lengths to maintain their relationship. These attempts turn violent, with several people injured and killed before Claire can escape Noah’s obsession.

    The Crash (1993)

    Warner Bros.

    Next on the list is the 1993 psychological thriller crush. In the film, a writer named Nick moves to a new town to work at a magazine. Since it’s new, he rents one room in the family home. Here he meets their daughter, Adrienne. Adrian instantly becomes obsessed with Nick and makes her attraction known. Since she is so young and the daughter of the family he’s staying with, Nick naturally rejects her advances. This rejection only emboldens Adrian, who makes it her mission to separate Nick from his friends and any potential romantic partners. Each attempt becomes increasingly loose as she attacks Nick and puts herself in a mental hospital, where she falls in love with the doctor who takes care of her.

    Ingrid Goes West (2017)

    Ingrid goes west

    Ingrid goes west is a comedy-drama film released in 2017. It stars Aubrey Plaza as an Instagram stalker named Ingrid, who moves west to befriend a Los Angeles socialite named Charlotte and becomes famous. While there, she meets Dan, with whom she rents a house, and forms a relationship. When her stalking behavior is exposed, she asks Dan to help her kidnap Charlotte’s brother Nicky to get him to stop blackmailing her. Dan ends up in the hospital, and Ingrid attempts suicide by overdosing on birth control pills. Dan saves her at the last minute and shows her that she’s headed out and gets the fame she so constantly desires, which makes her smile.

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Aubrey Plaza talked about how she came into her character’s head. She needed to visualize the character suffering from borderline personality disorder, as well as the dark paths her impulses could go down.

    Obsession (2009)

    Sony Pictures

    obsessed is a 2009 psychological thriller starring Idris Elba, Beyonc√© Knowles, and Ali Larter. An office worker named Derek is living the perfect life with his wife, Sharon, and just got a promotion at work. However, his idyllic life comes to a halt when his co-worker Lisa becomes infatuated with him and begins stalking him. Lisa comes up with various schemes to get close to Derek. These schemes include breaking into their home, faking suicide, and hitting Derek’s drink. Things start to escalate from there, as Lisa attempts to kill Derek’s wife, which results in Lisa falling onto a glass table and getting hit by a chandelier.

    Fatal Attraction (1987)

    Fatal attraction
    Paramount Pictures

    Fatal attraction He earned the number one spot on the list for being the inspiration for some of the other movies on this list. This movie was released in 1987 and starred Michael Douglas, Anne Archer, and Glenn Close. The film is about Dan, a lawyer for a successful New York law firm. Although he is happily married to his wife, Beth, he ends up in a casual relationship with a book editor named Alex. Dan thinks it’s just a temporary fling, but Alex becomes obsessed with Dan and starts losing her mind. What begins with aggressively stalking her ends with an obsessive and creepy stalking routine. Dan is so focused on hiding his affair that he doesn’t see the danger Alex poses to his wife and daughter before it’s too late. Alex attempts to stab Beth with a kitchen knife before Dan shoots her with a gun, putting an end to the awkward romance.

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